May 24, 2022

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Zidane and the game call themselves R / Place, the pixel war that burns the Internet

Hundreds of thousands of people are uniting, colliding, betraying and uniting: since April 1, a pixel war has burned the internet. First, the US forum Reddit chose to restart for the second time this year Part of its “location”. In it, each user has the opportunity to place a pixel in a gigantic digital fresco every five minutes. By being organized, web users are trying to get an area to draw flags, logos, works of art, etc. in a good natural environment. Sports fans may notice an opportunity not to be missed.

Messi and Ronaldo join hands. (DR)

Zidane, National Pride

In some places in Fresco, the collective experience quickly became a demonstration of the power between nations. The Argentines and Portuguese were able to display their two flags and represent Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at their crossroads. Persecuted by influencers, the French have painted a large tricolor with a giant portrait of Zinedine Zidane erected as the main national pride.

Coordinator of French Works, Streamer Kamal “Cometo” Kebir At times Twitch surpassed 200,000 spectators. He used the event as a highlight Its sports team, Carmine Corp., Before its logo faded, was mentioned for a while in the painting. Ukrainians from KC’s other rival teams, such as Vitality, Fnatic or NAVI, also temporarily appeared on the scene.

Formula 1 is highly specified

With over 50 million users, Reddit is one of the strongholds of the American Internet. It is divided into more than a million sub-communities called subredits, which have mobilized their forces to represent the web. Some of them, assigned to football clubs, were able to establish their coat of arms at frescoes such as Chelsea or Barசாa. Next to Liverpool, the pixelated Jurgen poses with the Globe Champions League trophy.

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Particularly active in the forum, communities of Formula 1 and NBA fans also took their place, especially recreating Nico Rosberg’s famous collection before the explosion. But its location, like everything else, is temporary: until Monday, when the square ends, the pixels that make up it may still change …

Boston Bruins and Phoenix Suns fans were also involved.  (DR)

Boston Bruins and Phoenix Suns fans were also involved. (DR)