Fans so want Zendaya and Tom Holland to be an item – but, sorry, those two are just friends, okay? These two Spiderman co-stars have been linked together multiple times but honestly, it’s only because people are shipping them. So, the rumors are merely rumors and not based on facts.

The latest rumor spiraled upward when the 23-year-old friendly neighborhood Spiderman posted a picture of himself with other cast members from his upcoming movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. The photo showed Holland alongside Jacob Batalon and Zendaya.

And in his picture, he tagged the buddies standing beside him but placed Zendaya’s tag exactly on his crotch. This, of course, led to speculation and people started thinking that perhaps the young Avenger actor was suggesting something.

But before the comments could get nastier, Zendaya herself jumped into the comments’ section and blew away the rumors. She wrote, “I’m assuming because you don’t know how to work ig, that’s the reasoning behind my name placement.” In response to this, Holland changed the tag placement and edited his caption to include, “Thanks @zendaya for making me aware of my obvious blunder.”

To clarify matters further, Zendaya also responded to a fan who tweeted, “Why is it killing me that Tom Holland tagged Zendaya right on his crotch in this pic? Is this a subliminal message, Tom?” She replied, “Nah he’s just Instagram stupid.”


If you’ve been keeping a close watch on the cast of Spiderman: Far from Home, you’d be already aware that Tom Holland is not the most Instagram-literate person out there. The actor admitted on his latest visit with the Spiderman 2 team to Jimmy Kimmel’s show that he doesn’t even know how to handle Instagram stories. In fact, Zendaya once ran him through how to delete a story that he had mistakenly uploaded twice. Well, looks like you can be a millennial and still be Instagram stupid.