All of us have different ways of coping with stress. While some prefer calming their mind by going for productive activities such as cooking and cleaning, others employ destructive habits like indulging in smoking and alcohol. Which is really a very harmful route to even step on. Then there are those who just want a moment of peace and quiet at a place of their liking.

Like everyone else, Zendaya also has something that she utilizes for destressing. The former Disney star took to Twitter to reveal that she finds solace from raging stress in coloring. Which is a great way of self-expression, sparking creativity along with being a proven method of calming stress. Many people said that they could relate to this part of Zendaya. But unlike most grownups, The Greatest Showman actress sticks to princess coloring books rather adult coloring books.

The 21-year-old sent out a tweet that read, “I literally have a coloring station at my house, in my house we all find it quite therapeutic. It helps me with stress” along with a picture of a cabinet that had basic art supplies and coloring books. Many fans commented how they did the same thing. One fan commented, “Yes! Coloring is so relieving!” While another wrote, “Working with your hands and releasing energy all while expressing yourself is the best. 🙌🏽✨”

This also proves that Zendaya truly has a colorful streak in her personality. In the thread, one person asked Zendaya if she still drew to which she replied, “I haven’t in a long time, but I should.” Perhaps, we will get to see more of Zendaya’s many talents soon. Many people underestimate the relaxation that a simple activity like coloring can grant.

Experts also say that it does work to relieve one of stress. Drawing, singing, and other similar talents, often work not only to create beautiful stuff but to destroy the bad, stressful vibes too. If nothing helps, a good friend and your favorite snack can do wonders. However, if stress persists, one must head to a trusted adult and discuss the issue. Rather than letting stress take over, one should learn to defeat it.