Everyone thinks that Zayn Malik is going to be releasing new zongs (pun intended.) The Dusk till Dawn singer took to Instagram to share a poem which he called “Morning Zoem.” These might as well be the lyrics to his upcoming music. The songster’s poem which he posted yesterday sounds pretty deep.

The poem has Zayn standing in the background holding what appears to be a lightsaber. Then today as well, the 25-year-old shared two more poems. Both of which sound equally beautiful. More Lyrics from the upcoming tracks? Say yes, please. This has led his fans to call him a “legend.” And he sure is; the slam poetry is exquisitely written. Last year, in September, Malik had revealed that he was working on a second album.

Perhaps, there is hope for something like that being just around the corner. One fan tweeted, “Looks like zayn it’s all about soul and feelings. It’s amazing the way he see the world and how he talks about life. He is really zeextraordinary.” Others also used terms like “zasterpiece” to describe how much they loved the songster’s poetry.

One more point that contributes to the theory that Zayn’s new zongs are going to greet us soon is that he was spotted out and about carrying a lightsaber in one hand. Perhaps, the young Jedi is trying to hint at something. Apart from insisting on something that the audience is already aware of; that he is a huge Star Wars fan.

Here’s what his Morning Zoem read, “You don’t have feelings / You just have petals. There is no meaning, It’s just aesthetics. Then to ask me. I’d say pathetic is the only one that fits and wins inside a world of acronyms.”

His poem continued with “Twisted shapes of acrobats inside a mesh of flesh and bone is an underlying desperate tone to the world of real authentic. The iPhone likes preventing this place of play. I think we like pretending as if our fun is never ending. No one speaks. Just message sending. It’s a silent planet – wait, it’s pending.” Impressive, no?