Zigi is over and fans around the globe are busy wiping off tears. Yesterday, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid announced that they had amicably parted their ways following news reports suggesting the same. It all started with a close source spilling the beans to The Sun. “Sadly Zayn and Gigi have separated,” said the insider.

Hadid and Malik were rumored to be engaged. The source had further added, “They are no longer a couple, but they do remain close and are supportive of each other. The reality is that they’ve grown apart, having been together for a long time.”

The reason behind this decision of theirs also came forward, “They have crazy work schedules that would put pressure on any relationship.”  Malik and Hadid confirmed this news on social media. Fans also noticed that the Dusk till Dawn singer unfollowed Gigi Hadid and her mum Yolanda Hadid prior to his announcement.

Zayn’s statement read, “Gigi and I have an incredibly meaningful, loving and fun relationship and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and a friend.” A little while after that, Gigi also shared a post on her social accounts. Her statement read, “I want nothing but the best for him and will continue to support him as a friend that I have immense respect and love for. As for the future, whatever’s meant to be will always be.”

The couple celebrated two years of dating last year in November. They started dating in 2015 and in 2016, news of their breakup had surfaced. However, they got back together after a short break. This time as well, there is a slight possibility of them getting back together. The insider also told The Sun, “It’s a mutual decision so no one has completely ruled out a reunion in the future, but for now that’s not where their heads are at.”