A new research reveals that your genes are responsible for whether you’re thin or obese. According to this study, obese people have particular genes that make them gain weight. Thin people, on the other hand, lack these genes and have other genes that protect them from an increase in weight.

The study and its findings

Beating yourself for your inability to shed off a few pounds? Don’t. Blame your genes for your weight gain. A new study which has been published in the journal PLOS Genetics and conducted by lead researcher Sadaf Farooqi, professor of metabolism and medicine at Cambridge University, along with her team reveals the major role that your genes play in your weight.

According to this study, it all comes down to your genes. For research purposes, 14000 individuals were recruited of which 1622 were healthily thin, 1985 were extremely obese and the rest 10433 had a normal weight. The genes of these participants were collected through either their blood or their saliva.

A risk score was determined, and it was found that overweight people had a high risk score in comparison to those who were thin or weighed normal. The risk score was substantially low in the case of thin individuals. Farooqi stressed that obese individuals must not be judged or pressurized as much of their weight has to do with their genes, something about which they can’t do anything.

Another thing that this research found out was that not only do thin people not have obese genes, but they have other genes that keep them from putting on weight. With this, the study concluded that it was a person’s heredity that determined his weight. Both obesity and thinness were heritable.

Further research is to be carried out on the grounds of this study to find which genes protect them people from gaining weight. Perhaps the answer to this could help formulate a weight loss strategy that would actually work to assist people in shredding excess pounds.

Key takeaway

Your lifestyle and gut health both play a role in determining your weight. However, your genes play a big role as well. A new study shows how obese people have a high risk score whereas thin individuals have it low. The research also reveals that thin people have genes that keep them from gaining excess pounds.