Remember when Younes Bendjima tried to woo Kourtney Kardashian before 2018 came to a wrap by calling her “amazing” and sending several wishes her way? Well, looks like it worked out pretty well for him! The 25-year-old lad was present at Kourt’s 40th birthday yesterday as per proof he gave himself in his Instagram stories.

Younes and Kardashian started dating in 2016 but broke up after two years when the Algerian model was spotted with another woman. Following their breakup in August last year, Bendjima tried to deny blames that he had cheated on her, but things didn’t work out in his favor.

However, this year has proved to be lucky for him as he’s been seen interacting with the Poosh owner quite a few times. He even left a comment on one of her Instagram pictures, a flirty comment, to which she replied as well!

Now a source has revealed to E! that Kourtney Kardashian had invited Younes Bendjima to her wild party herself because she wanted to “see him.” Ooooh, so are they just friends or is there more? Accordingly, Scott Disick was also invited by her who brought his girlfriend, Sofia Richie along.

The insider also reported, “Kourtney and Younes have been on good terms recently and have been texting here and there. He’s reached out several times since they split to check in.” As per the same source, Younes is trying his best to win her back. “You could tell Younes is still smitten over Kourtney and wants her back,” said the insider.

So, what about Kourt? Is she into the idea of getting back with him? “Kourtney wasn’t overly flirty but she was smiling and laughing with him and they were both having a good time,” further added the person. Looks like boy has a chance. Let’s see where this goes.