If you think you are the only one who feels insecure about your looks then know that that is not the case. Sometimes, even the prettiest and fittest people look in the mirror and do not like what they see. And that includes celebrities too. Yolanda Hadid just revealed that her younger daughter Bella Hadid struggles with anxiety.

This is what she said in an exclusive interview with US Weekly: “Bella suffers from anxiety. She goes through times where … she doesn’t like her body because she gained five pounds, or [she’s] too skinny. All this stuff that kids go through.” Despite being gorgeous with looks that many would kill for, the VS model also has days when she doesn’t feel like her best self.

The Hadid girls keep visiting their mum’s show Making a Model and sprinkling advices on the contestants. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star further told the publication what her girls talk about with the models. The mum of three revealed that Bella openly tells the models on the show that she too feels insecure and guides them on how to move on from it.

Both the sisters have a lovely bond and are often spotted making style statements together. On Thursday while the rest of the celebs were attending the Critics’ Choice Awards, these two were spotted in NYC celebrating their mother’s 54th birthday. The elder sister rocked a sophisticated look with a striped butterfly shirt with high-waisted pants and boots while the younger sister went for vintage.

The 21-year-old model was wearing a maroon leather jacket dress with white knee-high boots. Gigi left her hair open and wavy while Bella went for a high ponytail. The girls held hands and lit the streets of New York with their chic style. They took to Instagram to share posts that read praises of their mum. Anxious or not, these two runway goddesses sure know how to roll.