“We are in crisis. Yoga is here now because we desperately need it in our lives. It isn’t accidental that we have more and more people teaching and more and more people practicing,” says Beryl Bender Birch, the Director of The Hard & The Soft Astanga Yoga Institute and bestselling author of Power Yoga.Typically, it is mostly the peaking curiosity that lands us on write-ups like this or the passion to try a different, yoga trend. But Birch’s words shed more light on the critical place that yoga holds in our lives.

While you might be viewing yoga through a lens of silent meditation, there is a lot more brewing in the forte and has yogis twirling with the excitement of it all. Some of the yoga trends are pure wows, whereas, others might leave you questioning the sanity of the form. Rest assured there is a lot that is trending in the yoga realm and 2018 is going to be witnessing some really happening yoga trends. Have a glimpse yourself;

yoga trend

Chroma Yoga

Yoga paired with light therapy (chrome) has been making some really enticing waves. The present year has seen the opening of the Chromayoga at the East London studio, where this form of yoga is practiced. Nina Ryner, the brain behind the yoga trend explained, “We use light, sound, and scent to enhance the yoga experience… I’ve done research into light therapy and how light can be healing. There is lots of scientific research into the ways light can affect our lives. For example, red light can be really beneficial physically –  I thought that the physical and mental effects of yoga could work really well alongside this.” Since the reception has been pretty warm, chroma yoga is bound to cross the borders of this year into next.

Floating Yoga

This is an amazing yoga trend that requires you to maintain your calm and yoga positions on a surfboard. Albeit challenging, floating yoga sounds like one’s game if he does not mind getting a little wet while practicing his positions on the floating surface. This next level yoga is jumping by leaps and bounds into the next year to become the next best thing the year has to offer for the yogis.

Goat Yoga

While we all know about yoga with a dog, also known as Doga, yoga in the company of goats is also a steadily rising yoga trend. Although there is little sense of finding yourself in a comforting zone when with goats yet this yoga form is associated with the promotion of feel-good hormones. The curators also add that goat yoga is a good way to arm one with comfort, cut down loneliness, and lower anxiety. Let’s just say that only experience can be the best judge in this new kind of yoga.

Beer Yoga

Also known pub yoga, beer yoga speaks for itself. This yoga trend originates from the land of beer, Germany, and takes place in a pub, no wonder its’ called pub yoga. The central concept is that by swigging beer while practicing yoga promotes relaxation and makes one feel at home. Beer yoga is to spin into practice in the coming year, maybe you should give it a shot or two?

Couple Yoga

Fetch your partner and get within spitting distance by sharing some close yoga positions with him or her. The goal of this yoga trend is to plant and nurture seeds of trust, enhance communication, and add some spark to your relationship. Couple yoga is heading straight for making it to the yoga trends 2018.

So now that you know about the upcoming yoga forms, which one would your inner yogi be trying in the coming year?