Life is a crazy driver that steers you to wild twists and turns. It often even takes you to places that you least expected to combat in your lifetime. This results in stress becoming the permanent or semi-permanent passenger that accompanies you in your ride. There are lots of ways to get rid of stress and have a peaceful time. One such tip in your arsenal should be yoga for stress relief.

Yoga is a powerful form of meditation that works to help you kick the unwanted passenger of stress from your life. There is a very simple equation of yoga for stress relief and it is better understood by picturing a see-saw. Let’s take a see-saw of opposites with one seat taken by relaxation and another by stress. Relaxation is the opposite of stress and as a person climbs up the scale of it, the pointer for stress goes down and vice versa. Yoga helps to achieve this order to tip the see-saw in your favor.

What Do The Experts Say?

Yoga for stress relief is not a concept pulled out of thin air. In fact, there is a lot of science supporting it. Time and again, expert yogis also explain that yoga can be a very helpful means to tackle stress. Moreover, yoga targets three major areas that can be affected by stress. These include the mind, body, and breathing. In doing so, this form of exercise serves to effectively treat stress.

Here is what the author of The Hormone Reset Diet, Sara Gottfried has to explain the role of yoga in this regard, “Yoga has been shown to decrease cortisol and adrenaline, the main stress hormones that make you feel overwhelmed, cranky, and on edge. However, a single yoga class isn’t enough to balance them. Most studies show that significant hormonal improvement requires three to six months of regular practice for 30 to 60 minutes per day, five days a week. While all yoga styles may help, research has examined hatha yoga, pranayama (such as deep breathing), and meditation.”

How Does Yoga Help To Relieve Stress?

Yoga targets the body, breathing, and mind to achieve relaxation and alleviate anxiety. People who don’t feel stressed can also practice yoga, which helps them to remain agiler through the day. It also encourages enhanced focus, relaxation, and promotes a calm disposition. Folks are also better able to handle things when life drives them crazy or throws them into the doldrums. Here is a look at how yoga for stress relief rolls:

Relaxes The Body

Yoga aids greatly in relaxing the body. Certain poses such as the child’s pose, inversions, and forward bends help to reduce tension. These yoga styles and poses can work as a massage that relaxes your edgy body and calms it down. This is fundamental for stress relief.

Relaxes The Mind

In stressful times, the mind works like a restless machine that churns thoughts at a speed faster than light. The mind is left as a cobweb of buzzing thoughts that hardly follow a proper orientation. In such matters, meditation works wonders to calm a network of dissembled thoughts.

Meditation will help your mind to slow and calm down by various ways like a seated pose, flowing through sequences, or holding postures. With such steps, thoughts take a slow pace and focus is achieved. With practice, a greatly relaxed mind can be achieved minus the stress.

yoga for stress relief

Effective Breathing

Stressed situations tend to leave a mark on your breathing by promoting shallow and rapid breaths that feed anxiety. Yoga for stress relief works the opposite way and discourages rapid breathing by encouraging the full use of the lung capacity and the diaphragm.

There are specific techniques that help to decline stress. These include practicing Ujjayi breath, Brahmari or the humming bee breath, and the Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril. The left nostril breathing can also have calming effects.

Outlet for Emotional Energy

A load of multiple emotions such as guilt, sadness or anger can pile to form a peak. When such reserves of emotional energy are piled, you end up releasing the emotional energy by shouting or kicking the walls; basically by any aggressive means.

Yoga helps to release this emotional pressure even when you think that you cannot feel that any such thing is happening. Yoga postures that release the shoulder and hips are specifically useful for this purpose.

Relieves Anxiety

Yoga for stress relief also works to accomplish its objectives by releasing anxiety. If you are anxious for no apparent reason, you may be stressed and yoga will serve as a solution for you. Research also backs this. A study was conducted in 2009 on 300 participants who practiced yoga session for two hours. These people showed a 14.7% decline in their levels of anxiety.

Connects the Mind and Body

Yoga has been a pro that is known for promoting internal connectivity between the brain and the body. This helps to promote a clear exchange of signals between the organs that keep things rolling in a balance. Yoga also helps you to live in the moment and become more mindful. All such advantages lie in your favor and help you to de-stress.

In a nutshell, there are lots natural ways yoga can help you to relieve stress. Therefore, instead of choosing other options that might not be healthy for your body or relationship such as over-the-counter pills or shouting on your partner, respectively, head for the calming way of a Yogi.