May 17, 2022

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“Yellow Brick Road” discovered in the unknown depths of the Pacific

Did scientists find a way to Atlantis? The members of the cruise ship Nautilus inevitably questioned themselves after discovering a mystery at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. “Yellow Brick Road”, Scientific warning statements.

The discovery happened Northwest Hawaiian IslandsAt the monument Babahanamogwakia Maritime Nation, Which is one of the largest maritime security areas in the world. The area stretches over 1,510,000 km2Is particularly exciting for scientists: only 3% of its oceans have been studied to date.

Researchers have dug a depth of more than 3,000 meters in this unknown water Marine Research Foundation So they filmed this strange discovery live. “This is the way to Atlantis”Starts one of the Explorers, shocked.

This strange site compares to a kind of team “Baked crust”, Challenges. According to researchers, this may actually be the old bed of a dry lake covered by volcanic rock. Continuous temperature changes make these cracks look strange as scientists describe them “Yellow Brick Road”.

What makes this discovery? The crew wants it now Go on this strange underwater path, To understand how such geography could have formed in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Still might have fallen into the big treasure, why not.

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