It does not take rocket science to figure out that there is something wrong with your nails. Thinning or thickening of nails, bleeding in the nail region, pain or swelling in the nail, and discoloration or purpling are some indicative signs of improper nail health. In such cases, you shouldn’t really be delaying the much-needed trip to the dermatologists.

Other than that, it is only wise to take good care of your nail health. After all, good looking hands can only be nailed with nails that mirror health and good care. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of the nail health that you should keep as a checklist in your mind for healthy nails.

The Yays

Here is a quick look at all the things that you should be absolutely including in your care regime:

  1. Taking Nail Supplements

One of the effective multivitamins that can help to recover from brittle and weak nails is biotin. Ask your doctor for a biotin supplement to maintain good nail health.

  1. Using A Protective Layer

A nail hardener is a good invention that aids in strengthening the nail. Use it.

  1. Don’t Forget A Moisturizer

When you rub your hands with a moisturizing cream or lotion, rub some of it into the cuticles and on the nails too.

  1. Keep the Finger Nails Dry

Don’t let the water settle on your nails, dry them as soon as you wash your hands or put them in water. Water works antiparallel to the strength of nails and excels at softening and weakening them.

  1. Regularly Clip Nails

Don’t let your nails grow into a witch’s. Instead trim them regularly with a sharp nail cutter and file afterward. This promotes strong nails and helps to get rid of the worn surface.

The Nays

Here are some quick acts to maintain a safe distance from for the sake of your nails.

  1. Remove Nail Polish

Don’t let the nail paint sit on your nails long after the event where it was meant to add to your look. Nail colors have chemicals that start to penetrate the nail bed if they stay for long.

  1. Ignore Any Nail Problem

Never ignore any of the nail problems. Make a beeline straight for the doctor at the first sign of distress.

  1. Bite Your Nail

Although your ‘easier said than done’ counter-argument is legit yet the harms of nail biting can be ugly. Not only does it damage the nail bed but it also allows multiple bacteria into your mouth.

  1. Rip Off Hangnails

This is a major nay as the act may pull off live tissue. Instead, use your nail cutter to get rid of the hangnail.

  1. Use Nail Tool

Your nails are not tools to pick at something or hold something for you. Use the required utensil or tool instead and whenever grabbing something, try to make the most of your fingertips. You will only risk nail damage and cuticle cuts otherwise.