January 17, 2022

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Xiaomi will make a small smartphone

In the small coveted market for small smartphones, Xiaomi will be the next brand.

Asus Zenfone 8 // Source: Frandroid

If you have smartphones with compact screens and easy fit in the pocket, the market will be low. Except Very good iPhone 13 Mini Apple and Zenfone 8 d’Asus, There are almost no portable smartphones that offer some of their features.

However, the market may have risen with the surprise arrival of Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer has been accustomed to enlarging the screen of its smartphones for many years, large and efficient formats are very popular in Asia, but the brand is also considering offering. Small smartphone.

A device in the testing phase

The idea came from Liquor, a digital chat station in Weibo, which was taken over by the site ITHome Xiaomi claims to be working to deliver at least one high-end portable smartphone by 2022, with some of the features in it. The design is already in the “NPI” state, i.e. it is in the testing phase to determine if conception is feasible.

Xiaomi has distinguished itself by introducing several smartphones in its list. The brand now launches new devices every few weeks Even if it does create a saturating effect. In this huge list, the brand may make a little space for the high-end portable smartphone.

So far, this comment has been frequently requested by commentators, but the target audience seems to be more secretive than other limitations. The iPhone 12 Mini was actually illustrated by poor sales compared to other iPhone models released at the same time. To the point of Apple is betting on the iPhone Mac in 2022, With a larger screen than its cousins.

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