May 17, 2022

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Xiaomi Watch S1 Test: A Stable but Perfect Move Market

The interface of the Xiaomi Watch S1 is mainly based on its touchscreen. However, the top button on the right edge is used to return to the main dial or to display a list of applications, while the one below is the default character (you can change its functionality in the Mi Fitness app) to open the Activities menu. Get started quickly with one of the 117 sports exercises offered by Watch.

Touch function is otherwise very intuitive and responsive. Swiping down brings up the latest announcements, while swiping up opens the shortcuts panel (do not bother, be quiet, alarm, settings …). One-page swipe, for its part, causes different widgets to scroll, which are organized differently compared to the Mi Watch because they are now grouped together by default. This eliminates the need to scroll through multiple screens, making the details more accessible with a single tap on the desired widget. It allows you to quickly discuss our heart rate, last night’s sleep duration, activity measurements (number of steps, calories burned and how many times raised during the day), weather forecast or audio player. The widget setting can be changed in the smartphone app.

The good thing is, an ambient light sensor allows the clock to automatically change the light intensity of its screen. Not too bad for night time use it is too bad. Fortunately, an automatic “Do Not Disturb” mode takes care of turning off the screen at night and disabling the automatic ignition by wrist movement.

When it comes to dials, there are many choices, from classic digital hands to integrated issues, animated dials and more sporty dials. Many watch interfaces are available for download. However, the fact that the definition of some dials is not high is even worse, because even the default dial displayed when the clock is first turned on does not particularly value the almost infinite variation and good visual resolution of the Watch S1’s AMOL panel. Hands visible nickname, limited variant).

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Equipped with a speaker and microphone, the Xiaomi Watch S1 can be used to make phone calls via Bluetooth. The sound seems a bit muffled and the speaker completes quickly, but the conversation is understandable and the watch removes some ambient noise and maintains good voice intelligence.

Although the Watch S1 manages NFC technology, unfortunately we are not able to use Contactless Payment, which does not yet seem to be active in France.