June 26, 2022

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released almost two months from now – News

The good news does not come alone, the publisher has also released a new trailer that will always provide additional details about this new adventure and its gameplay after the Nintendo Direct in February. Simply around the central theme of “Life”, players follow Noah and Mio’s itinerary as they sink into the middle of the conflict between the Caves and Agnes lands. The six characters from these countries join forces to uncover the truth, all on a saber-rattling path toward a land pierced by a giant sword, which will not surprise anyone in its glorious series.

The first effect of these overcrowded casts is that they can fight up to seven without the slightest change with the study: thus players can control up to six members of the team and other characters they encounter during the game. Adventure, each of which plays a specific role in giving a tinge of strategy to the conflict. Class changes are also expected: Noah is a sword fighter, specializing in close-up attacks, while Mio is a sepher, blocking their attacks while attracting the enemy’s attention. Thus, each character can cheat between multiple classes with its own strengths; It is the player’s responsibility to compensate for weaknesses by customizing the various roles on the team.

Finally, the interlink system, which allows you to join the pair – Nova and Mio, Lance and Sena, Uni and Dion – can switch to Ouroboros, a powerful format with its own more powerful attacks. Naturally, it is necessary to engage in this change wisely in order to gain a decisive advantage in war.

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As the new release date was announced, Nintendo raised the screen for a future collector’s version exclusively offered in the Nintendo Store – the Dust Jacket, the 250-page dissertation and a Steel book Bonus. However, we will be back in the coming weeks for more details, especially pricing.