January 17, 2022

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Xbox Xbox Series X | S sold more than any other Xbox in 14 months | Xbox One

Although the video game landscape has changed significantly in recent years, there is also the sale of consoles on topics that still make various communities talk. But while Xbox has not reported any statistics on the matter for a long time, Bill Spencer, the head of Microsoft Gaming, gives us a serious clue today.

Epidemic has changed everything

It is in the microphone of journalist Cara Swiss New York TimesBill Spencer today talked about the video game business as a whole. And if that man does not want to rejoice in the epidemic, he confirms that the acceleration of business is very clear because Kovit has disrupted the world order.

It’s hard to say good for the global epidemic business. It is difficult for me to make such a rationale. But I have to say, there has been a natural development in the game for decades. We saw the pace of this growth during epidemics.

Bill Spencer recalls that in this new era it is a priority to think about teams and ensure the safety of each as well as the work environment. He says the rise of video games at the start of the epidemic surprised Xbox teams that did not anticipate such a burden. He explains that it was out of consoles only in April 2020, which had never happened before.

Never before have so many Xboxes been made

At the time, the brand’s online network, Xbox Live, was enjoying unprecedented waves of gamers. We also observed failure And March 2020 Call of Duty Warzone was recently released. Bill Spencer says teams worked hard to meet this demand, and it still exists in a way today.

When you’ve trying to get an Xbox or a new PlayStation on the market right now, these are very hard to find. And not because the offer is smaller than before.

In fact, the offer is unprecedented. All of us have more in demand than supply. At this point, we’re selling more of this generation Xbox Series X and S X than other generations of Xbox. It is therefore our job to provide this offer to meet this need.

We do not yet know how many Xbox Series X and S sales worldwide, but it was estimated at around 8 million last October. With the holiday season approaching, we have access to the ten million consoles sold today, with Sony hitting its PS5 last summer.

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So Bill Spencer both may be pleased with the interest in Xbox consoles, but regret that the supply has not yet met the demand that is still strong today. We are monitoring Xbox Series X Shares At Xboxygen, many of you want one more.

As for the Xbox, selling the Xbox consoles is not an end in itself, and the game offer will soon be available on PC, mobile and tablets as well as TV. Selling black plastic boxes is only one part of the equation.