June 28, 2022

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Xbox Game Boss: Ed Fries (formerly Xbox) worries about the video game industry | Xbox One

In Interview Presented to the Xbox Expansion Pass, Ed Fries talks about the reasons that led him to leave the green brand and the concerns he had about the future of the industry.

Xbox Game Boss: Negative Impact?

Ed Fries is not the only one in this field because the guy was involved in the creation of the first Xbox. He led the design team in the 90s and was instrumental in the acquisition of the Microsoft stake at the time. He left Xbox in 2004. So, today we can take a closer look at his views on video games.

According to him, if the business model provided by Microsoft service becomes the established standard, it will have a very strong negative impact on the Xbox Game Pass industry. Man also points out that such an offer would obviously benefit players, but is not necessary for the industry, thus comparing Game Pass to Spotify.

When Spotify departed, it destroyed the music business, actually halving the industry’s annual revenue. So Game Boss makes me nervous. As a customer, I love it. I also like Spotify as a customer: I have all the songs I like … As a customer it’s a good deal. But it doesn’t have to be the best for the industry.

Ed Fries notes that in his opinion, Game Boss is not yet big enough to have a real impact on the industry, but that strengthening the offer could increase this impact in the coming months.

Although there are a lot of games in the game pass, their percentage is still small. 200 games a week are released on Steam and more on mobile.

The interview continued and Ed Fries gave reasons for leaving the company. According to him, he points out that the accent is placed on profit and profit rather than the well-being of the teams and the quality of the exclusive games offered: a bug that led to the Xbox losing the exclusive battle. Vs PlayStation.

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However, Ed Fries assures that Microsoft has realized its mistake and that it has taken many years but many changes are currently being made.