Celebrity ships can be weird. Sometimes fan ship stars who are couples in real life and sometimes they hoot for reel life pairs that make no sense in the real world. Then there are those couples that the majority hates so much that when the breakup happens, almost half of the internet breathes a sight of relief.

Many celebrities got together or broke up with their partners last year and this one, couples that fans quite frankly didn’t like seeing together. Wondering which couples we are talking about? Here is a recent list of the most hated celebrity couples in Hollywood:

1 – Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas


Nickyanka might have many fans however, the couple has double the haters. While many Americans are receptive of their marriage, people from the Quantico actress’s birth nation seem to have a lot of problems with the couple. Several believe that Chopra is too old for the Jo-Bros bandmate as they have an age difference of 10 years.

Many people also doubt if their relationship is even true with some throwing in that PC has married Jonas for fame and a firmer place in the US. This is partly because their romance came out of nowhere. However, the Jealous singer has said that the start of them dates back to 2016. Last year rumors that Nick and Priyanka were dating came out. Only within a few months, by the end of 2018, they tied the knot.

2 – Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes


Camila and Shawn have been friends for a long time now. They first caught the attention of the audience when they released their duet I Know What You Did Last Summer. However, both the stars continued calling their relationship a mere friendship. Fans really wanted Shawmila to happen, but it didn’t happen until they didn’t even want it anymore.

This year Cabello and Mendes released a superhit song Señorita. The song showed them getting very steamy together and that’s when fans were desperate to see them as a couple. Within just a few days, the wishes of their shippers were granted. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello started dating with paparazzi having snapped them kissing and cuddling. However, now fans are sure that these two are not actually dating; just faking it to get more public attention.

3 – Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber


Mr. and Mrs. Bieber undoubtedly have a lot of drama following them. Just as much theatrics as the many cameramen who tail them daily. The couple first started dating in 2016 but were clear that they were not “exclusive.” They broke up within six months of being together and then were not seen with each other for a long stretch of time.

Then last year, when the final end to Selena Gomez and the Baby singer’s on and off love saga happened in March just a few months later Bieber was spotted with Baldwin. They started dating in summer and within just a month’s time got engaged. In September they secretly got hitched and left fans pondering over what had just unfolded. Many think Bieber doesn’t really love his super model wife and still harbors feelings for his ex, Selena.

4 – Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson


Yet another couple that didn’t have the favor of the popular opinion was that of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. The Love Me Harder singer jumped into a relationship with the Saturday Night Live comedian soon after her breakup with late Mac Miller. For a few months they enjoyed a whole lot of media attention.

Within a month of being seen together, both the celebs admitted that they were not just dating but were also engaged. This news came off as a shocker to fans who thought that Davidson was not good enough for Grande. While Pete received a lot of attention, he got even more hate. The bullying got out of hand so much so that he had to deactivate his Instagram. Though they seemed to be so in love, the couple called it quits in October.

5 – Sofia Richie and Scott Disick


Scott Disick, who was previously in a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian with whom he has three kids, is currently with Sofia Richie. News that Sofia and Scott were dating came out in early 2017 and they officially admitted that they were a couple at the end of the same year. People don’t like these two together firstly because of their massive 16-year age difference.

Secondly, many think that the reality TV show star belongs with his ex, Kourt. They think that Scott and Sofia will not last and Scott and Kourt are soulmates. Not only has Scott always mentioned that he loves Kourtney still, but he is also an integral part of the KarJenner clan. Oddly though, the 36-year-old doesn’t seem to be as obsessed with Richie even though reports claim they are “serious.” Even more odd is that now Sofia has gotten pretty close to the KarJenners too.

6 – Chris Evans and Jenny Slate

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate finally cancelled their relationship in the beginning of last year. They met at the set of Gifted in 2015 but that is not where they fell for one another. In fact, Jenny was still married when they first met. In 2016 people noticed that they were flirting and soon they started dating. Then in 2017 they broke up only to get back together the same year.

Rumors said they were about to get married in January 2018, but they broke up for a final time in March 2018. Fans were not fans of their relationship because they simply thought Jenny was not good enough for the Captain America actor. Many even bashed Evans for starting a love affair with a woman while she was still married and blamed him for Jenny’s divorce. In fact, people even believed that Jenny was merely using Evans for climbing up the Hollywood fame ladder.