There are two kinds of celebrities. The first kind are those who are known for being kind and sweet such as Chris Evans and Selena Gomez. Then there is the second type which is of those who are outright mean. Mean to surrounding co-workers, to celebrities, and even to the very fans who raise their status.

Today we’re going to discuss some names that fall in the second category – Hollywood celebrities who are said to be rude in real life. We’ve collected names after scavenging through Quora and the internet in general. Read on to know which celebs are rude when the camera is not shooting:

1 – Naomi Campbell

Naomi might be one of the top models around and an inspiration for even the Kardashians, but she’s known for being super-rude. It is said that she once attacked officers for which she was even handcuffed. Moreover, she even threw her phone at a housekeeper.

Reports made rounds when she got angry over trainee models on Oxygen’s The Face. In an interview, Campbell even addressed her anger issues and said that she was taking anger management classes.

2 – Katherine Langford


One person on Quora opened up about working as an extra on 13 Reasons Why. The Quora-user mentioned that the Australian actress passed rude comments about the extras on set. She even seemed to think of herself as above everyone else.

Is it not your behavior toward those in positions under yours that speaks volumes about your true self? Fans have also noticed that while all other co-stars from 13 Reasons Why comment on each other’s pictures on Instagram, Langford is always missing.

3 – Justin Bieber


The Sorry singer has a reputation for being awful to fans. Rumors say that Justin Bieber once spat on a fan of his. In 2016, he yelled at fans and once when a fan wanted to click a selfie with him, he outright insulted her.

It cannot be said whether Justin’s douchebag-like behavior toward fans came as a result of the person he was back then or because of all the hate that was unreasonably directed toward the young, rising star.

4 – Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez


The multi-talented star is actually known for being a total diva. Some even say that all of her niceness is fake. Jennifer Lopez is said to be immensely rude to her staff and even once reportedly fired a doorman for just looking at her!

Some fans say that when the Waiting for Tonight singer was once lovely to her fans, when her career had just begun. However, as fame started to kiss her feet, she evolved into an insecure and rude person. Moreover, they also say that Jennifer makes pathetic demands on-set.

5 – Jared Leto


The Joker actor may have a good fanbase but those who know him think he’s a bit weird and not for good reasons. First off, he has reportedly been rude to several celebs. It is said that he is very difficult to work with.

Top that up with his awful behavior toward his fans. On multiple occasions he has hit fans by throwing his microphone on them. Uh, why would anyone do that? He once even insulted a Brazilian fan for she didn’t know the lyrics to his song.

6 – Robert Pattinson

The British star comes off as posh, but he’s disappointed a huge fanbase. Basically, Pattinson has several times dissed the movie franchise that made a name for him and brought him fame. He’s mentioned that he is not a fan of the character he played in the Twilight movies.

He even called the writer of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer “mad.” While this won him some points among those who disliked Twilight, his true fans weren’t impressed by his behavior. He even criticized them which of course, is rude.

7 – Sandra Bullock


Sure, the Bird Box actress is supremely popular but not everyone loves her. The 55-year-old actress once yelled at a wheelchair bound fan when asked for an autograph. After this incident spread, several fans came forward to share their negative experiences with Sandra Bullock.

Bullock is not big on accepting the requests of fans who want to take pictures with her. She’s ignored fans in the past. What’s more, they say that her staff is strictly ordered to never speak against her. It’s one thing to be private but behaving rudely is a whole different story.

8 – Gwyneth Paltrow


Here’s another actress who is not looked at as the best person ever. The Goop founder might have several awards under her belt, but she’s hated for behaving as if she’s created everything such as yoga. People also dislike that she’s a scammer.

Her health-related products have no basis in science, and she sells them still, knowing that she can be putting people at risk. This makes her come off as greedy, someone who only cares about making more money. People also think that she is a very arrogant and snobbish narcissistic individual.

9 – Rihanna

best rihanna looks


RiRi has so many fans out there because she’s hot, makes amazing music, her brand Fenty is inclusive, and Savage x Fenty is also no less great. This brings us to why people think of her as rude when she seems to be nice to most?

Well, they say Rihanna cyberbullied a fan once and doesn’t like it when people copy her style. And here we thought imitation is the greatest form of flattery. What’s more, they also say she’s aggressive toward her fans and even told fans to back off once.

So, this sums up our list of celebrities who are rude to other people. Which of these names shocked you the most? And which other celebs would you like to add to this list? Let’s talk in the comments!