Bollywood is known to make films that are seen all across the globe. It has fans that live all around the World who cherish everything that is done in Bollywood.

However, there are times when the filmmakers come up with a rare combination: a crapy movie with an awesome soundtrack.

Now the soundtrack, which releases way ahead of the release date of the movie, forces the audience to enter the Cinema houses to watch them. However, to their dismay, the movie turns out so trashy that they end up rushing out of the cinema even before the climax.

Some of the Bollywood movies with the strange combination of pathetic acting, stupid storyline but top-notch music are listed below.

1. Kalank

The recently released movie by Karan Johar, Kalank, is a snooze-fest. Even though it is studded with a star-cast that would drag people to the cinema halls, it still didn’t achieve what was expected of it. Be it the cringy dialogues, the cliched storyline or over-the-top acting of the protagonists, it was not taken well by the audience.

The soundtrack, on the other hand, is amazing. Its soulful songs make one hear them for as many times as one can.

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2. Anjaana Anjaani

Anjaana Anjaani, starring two of the finest actors of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, is not something you can watch without dosing in the middle. Even though the acting of both the protagonists is class apart, the screenplay and storyline make this movie a one time watch.

On the other hand, an amazing blend of fantastic songs makes its album one of the best ones offered by Bollywood by now.


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3.  Salaam-e-Ishq

Just like Kalank, Salaam-e-Ishq is a movie that is filled with movie stars. The only saving grace of the movie is its soundtrack, especially the songs like Tenu Leke, Saiyaan Re and the title track, Salaam-e-Ishq.

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4. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

It’s funny that both the male lead actors, Abhishek Bachan and Bobby Deol could manage to give only one expression throughout the movie.

The songs, however, are quite peppy and joyful.

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5. Roy

Well, I am sure this is the first time you may be hearing this movie’s name.

But, if you have not listened to its album, YOU SHOULD DO THAT ASAP!

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