Putting up a happy face for the camera doesn’t really mean everything is going fine in your personal life as well. This is true and the latest revelations of Ivanka Trump’s Sore Relations With Melania Trump have proven it once again. According to the reports, the senior advisor as well as the former friends of Melania Trump, the first lady of America, is about to release a memoir. This memoir, written by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff would have the details of the bitter relation of these two women in question.

The Initial Reports

According to the initial reports that are doing rounds, this memoir is soon to be released. This report is made by Yashar Ali, who says that soon, the negative remarks made by Malena Trump about her husband and his family will be released. The memoir will be named as Melania and ME: The rise and fall of my friendship with the first lady. This memoir will serve the tea regarding the personal details of the first lady, as well as all the negative comments she shared with her friend regarding her family.

Who is Stephanie Winston Wolkoff ?

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is the former director of Vogue, with the special task to manage all the events. In 2003, she became friends with the first lady, Melania Trump. In 2007, after aiding in the inauguration, she was appointed as the advisor to Melania. If the reports are to be believed, the writer of this book says that the relation went sore when she was blamed for the financial irregularities of the inauguration event. She says that she was made the scapegoat of the finance irregularities blunders, and this led to the relation going sore.

Surrounded With Controversies

All the controversial questions that the public has in mind will surely be answered in this memoir. Some of these obviously include how Melania had reacted when Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels went public. Alongside this, the public is quite eager to know the kind of relationship that Melania and Ivanka share with each other. The reason behind her wearing the jacket saying ‘I really don’t care, do u?’ while going to meet the refugees is also something everyone wants to know. How happy is Melania being the first lady of the United States of America will also be mentioned in this memoir by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

The Inaugural Fund’s Issue:

A huge amount of money was pitched for the inaugural event after Donald Trump won his elections. However, a lot of financial discrepancies happened during the event, which made this event as controversial as it could. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, being the chief organiser of the event, was blamed for the blunders. However, now as the memoir will soon release, she will give all the required details regarding the inaugural fund issue.