Each season has some must-have pieces. With summers far behind its time to stuff those flowy dresses and short shorts at the back of your cupboard and head out for some winter shopping. With winters come cough, coffee, and common winter wardrobe staples. But just like coffee made all wrong, a style game that is messed up can ruin your fashionable day.

‘tis the season of faux fur, velvet, and leather. Here’s a list of chic pieces that you should invest in this season to keep you warm and snazzy.

Over-the-Knee Boots

The era of knee-high boots is gone; welcome over-the-knee boots. A pair of steezy thigh-high boots can not only keep you warm but allow you to wear a short dress as well without having to worry about the chilly breeze kissing you to the common cold. Pair with a knitted jumper dress or slim-fit jeans and a long-sleeved top, or in any other way; the possibilities are endless!

Follow Taylor Swift’s game and go for over-the-knee velvet boots or suede boots like supermodel Gigi Hadid. Better yet, take the notch up on your sass and style by going for lace-up OTKs like Alessandra Ambrosio. Headed to a party? Go for the Kendall, Beyoncé, and Rihanna look and rock a pair of sparkly thigh-highs that take fabulousness to a whole new level.

Turtleneck Top

Simple, sophisticated yet hot, make sure you have a turtleneck top! This piece will keep you snug, looks good on its own, but you can always add some extra glam and wear a blazer, sweater, or sleeveless coat with it. A turtleneck top is a timeless piece that can keep you warm next year too. With a pair of denim jeans or leather leggings, it gives the ultra-mod look.

Go for a minimalist look like Gigi Hadid who was obsessed with her soft, oversized white turtleneck by designer Stephanie Rad earlier this year. Or opt for a cropped turtleneck top like Kendall Jenner. A sleeveless knit turtleneck top would also make for a chic choice. Emmy Rossum was recently seen rocking a beige one at the premiere of The Light of the Moon.

Midi/Maxi Coat

There is no denying that a midi or maxi coat can help you nail the targeted elegant look. A midi coat is wonderful for the days you’re running from one place to another. As it suits the office look, the casual outfit, and the high-end event style as well. You can wear a plain tee under it or a turtleneck top, either way, you’re bound to look like the fashionista you are.

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Oh, not only is it ultrachic but celebrity-approved as well. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne have both rocked midi coats together. Kim K keeps sporting one, giving off major fancy feels. Her sister Kendall Jenner wore a fur one. And again, Gigi Hadid has also given some style pointers wearing a black midi/maxi coat over a black midi slit dress.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is all about edgy vibes. This one piece can transform your look in minutes and add coolness to any outfit. Keep it casual by throwing on a leather jacket over your everyday tee and jeans. Dress up for a night out with a pair of leather pants and a fancy top with your leather jacket. Or steer your style in the hip direction by keeping it all black.

Toss on your leather jacket over a knitted jumper dress with statement sneakers for a feminine look. Keep your look minimal and sleek, like Taylor Swift with black leggings and a black leather jacket. Or pair it with a striped black and white tee and cropped, ripped jeans like Gigi Hadid. A brown leather jacket would also look mod as shown by Emma Watson and Blake Lively.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a must-have regardless of the season, but their silhouette makes them even more desirable in the cold weather. That’s because when your legs look slim, you have the option to layer the top to your heart’s content. A pair of these with an oversized jumper can sprinkle glam and chic yet sophisticated vibes all over your look.

Wear a knitted top and a sleeveless coat with a pair of skinny jeans. Booties, OTK’s, sneakers, and all sorts of footwear suit these stylish jeans. They are also never out of fashion. Emma Rossum was spotted in a pair of skinnies with a knitted black sweater. Keep the look effortless with a simple top and leather jacket paired with skinny jeans.

Blanket scarf

Whether you wrap around your blanket scarf several times or you just throw it on your shoulder, you are sure to gain an A in the style department. Wear one in a light shade over your black top and blue jeans outfit, or one that is printed with a plain look. Light washed jeans, a white tee, baby pink maxi coat, and light grey blanket scarf would make for a perfect combo.

Go for the Emma Roberts look with a neutral printed blanket scarf. Wrap an oversized one around your neck like Kendall Jenner. The bigger the blanket scarf, the better. Or keep warm like Lenny Kravitz with a more-blanket-less-scarf blanket scarf. Whichever style you choose a thin-knit one will elevate your style and keep you cozy as well.