Winters are only good if you can spend them in the company of coffee and a warm blanket. But when you have to step outside and face the world beyond your cozy bed, your skin shrivels up and goes all flaky and dry in the face of the cold breezes and freezing temperatures.

Since your skin is the shell that gives you confidence, it is only mandatory to take special care of it in the winters. In doing so you might even have to alter a few things in your skincare regime. Here’s a quick look at each winter skin care tip that you need to be seriously considering for a soft skin through the chilly season.

Limit Hot Showers and The Times You Wash Your Face

While there is nothing better than hot showers in cold winters yet it’s a sacrifice that you will have to make for your skin. Not that you should be bathing in the cold water and inviting hypothermia but you can always limit the number of times your skin has to encounter the hot water.

The sudden shift in the temperature that your skin goes through can do more harm than good. Superficially, you might get the feeling that your skin is thanking you for the hot shower, however, on the inside, it is only screaming with the sudden hot temperature that extracts the moisture and oil, leaving your epidermis rough. As an additional winter skin care tip, try and limit washing your face to preserve the natural skin oil and softness. Some soaps can be particularly cruel to your skin so go for the ones that don’t lather.

Minimize Exfoliation

Your skin is not a grave for all the dead skin cells and the best way to do some cleaning is exfoliation. Regardless of the season, it helps you to get rid of the dead cells and dirt so that you have a flawless skin. But hang on right there. The key to good and effective exfoliation in the chilly weather is to limit the number of time you exfoliate your skin.

Winter Skin Care Tip

This is a key step because your skin might be rubbed too hard during the exfoliation, which will make the skin drier and thicken the chances of abrasion. The best tip is to exfoliate your skin only once in a week and preferably stick to a natural exfoliation concoction to maintain a safe distance from harsh chemicals that further feed on the skin’s moisture.

Keep Up With Your Water Drinking Game

Although your parched throat provides a good reminder call for sipping water in the summers, you shouldn’t forget about drinking water in the winters. This is an essential winter skin care tip, as it hydrates your skin from inside out. As you work on your hydrating game, pair the process with the use of products that encourage the production of hyaluronic acid.

The fundamental reasoning behind this is explained by Dr. Elizabeth Hale, NYC-based dermatologist, as she says, “The HA provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding up to 1,000 times its weight in water and is a naturally occurring chemical found in the body.”

Moisturizer Is Must

Even though this is a winter skin care tip that you should be already aware of yet this is an essential reminder that you should never be underestimating the power and potential of a moisturizer. The moisturizer is a winter staple that should be sitting both by your bedside and in your handbag too. It helps you to maintain the skin’s softness and seals its hydration. Moreover, the layer also protects against the cold bites of the chilly breeze.