Lipstick in winters seems like a no-way option to many. Because we ladies rather go for a lip balm then try and apply a lipstick that gives away the cracks on our lips! Turns out the cold weather impacts your lips more, as they are more sensitive and prone to dryness than the rest of your skin. Dry lips can ruin your entire look making you look like a baby girl who has no sense whatsoever of taking care of herself.

This is where a gentle lip scrub comes into the picture. A great one can provide a base for your lipstick (winters are all about layering, aren’t they?) and nourish your lips too. They can be exfoliators and hydrators at once; clearing away the dead skin and smoothing plus softening away the chapped surface.

To make things easier for you this season, here is a list of winter lip scrubs that can save the day for you. Flaunt that red lip proudly, girl!

Kiko Lip Scrub

Keep dryness and lip allergies at bay, with this lip scrub. Its gentle formula exfoliates and rejuvenates leaving the lips soft and supple. Perfect for those who have sensitive lips. Comes in a stick format that allows for easy application. The scrub doesn’t just eliminate dryness but also leaves your lips ready for layering makeup!

winter lip scrubs

TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

Which woman doesn’t love a good pout? But in winters it’s not really only about the color you apply. It revolves more around the factor that lipsticks bring out creases in the lips that we don’t even notice pre-application. TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub’s rich blend of hydrating oils leaves the lips free of those fine lines and crinkles. It gently exfoliates, so you can sport a bold pout whenever and wherever! Comes in a cute and compact container that you can take along everywhere you head.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

Winter is no big deal for your lips if you have this lip scrub. It can cure the nastiest of chilly-breeze-afflicted and chapped lips. The vegan formula removes flakes, leaving your lips oh-so-soft. Once you are done applying, lick away the excess. Your taste buds are sure to enjoy the juicy flavor of blackcurrants and wild orange oil. This castor sugar product comes in a nude tone as well.

Maui Sugar Lip Scrub

Smile without exposing the cracks and flakes of your lips, without having to sacrifice the choice of putting on lipstick. This lip scrub locks the moisture in so that your lips remain soft and the chill in the air is not able to kiss them dry. Natural Hawaiian ingredients keep the lips smooth, and supple. Has a lovely smell so that’s another plus.

winter lip scrubs

Tarte Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant

Nourish, smoothen, and make your lips firm with this super gentle lip treatment. It wipes away the cracks and prepares your lips for layers of lip makeover. The formula that includes shea butter and exfoliating sugar penetrates deep inside to keep your lips soft and hydrated. With Tarte’s Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant you can minus episodes of dry and chapped lips from your future.

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub

Two are better than one. That said, this lip scrub doubles as a balm too. It keeps your lips healthy, nourished, and leaves behind a rosy finish that is on the natural side. With a sweet scent and moisturizing qualities, this one comes in stick form, sweeps smoothly over your lips, keeping them soft. Rehydrate your lips and ready them for a smooth lipstick application too.