June 26, 2022

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Will the console return this week? Direct shares

PS5: A week later, full of restocking, if you want to get the console in May, the final extension is waiting for you. We are taking stock of the new PlayStation 5 live.

[Mis à jour le 23 mai 2022 à 11h38] The PS5 is still a rarity, more than eighteen months after it was released. According to Sony the next generation is still suffering from a lack of semiconductors linked to the corona virus infection. A situation that, according to Intel, could continue until 2024, in the hope of getting more consoles, forcing consumers to repeatedly inform themselves about restarting the console. To assist you in this always complex search, we will let you know our newsletter instantly, as well as get all the best offers of second hand consoles. You can find useful information about what you are buying in our other article, a little more below.

The stock tracks live on Monday, May 23rd

  • 07:00 : PS5 used and new available for sale Raguden At full price (see below), we will have to wait for other restarts.

How to buy PS5 in 2022?

After a month in stock for the Sony console, the restart is slow, except for a few copies put up for sale by Auchan on Monday. But the situation is good for potential buyers PlayStation 5, Increasing the “drops” of the console. If you want to effectively prepare for the next restocking (which will probably take place this Tuesday morning), you can always access the various tips, tricks and buying tips in our article below:

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It is also possible to spot PS5 shares in Rakuten without fail. However, the console sells for a higher price. We recommend this option only if you can not really get the PS5 at its base price (when available).

No PS5 until 2024?

May begins with the worst news you can find in an article CNBC. In a recent interview with Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, the newspaper raised the provocative question and asked the estimated duration of the shortage of semiconductors that would impose fines on computer markets, home consoles and automobiles. The answer is not very promising:Despite our previous estimates (2023), we believe that the global semiconductor deficit will last until 2024 because the deficit is now hitting equipment and some production lines will be under severe pressure.“Bad news for the home console and graphics card market.

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