You know that moment when your favorite character dies? A timely, painfully, uncalled for, unnecessary, sudden death? Well, that just happened on The Originals! Julie Plec how could you play with the feelings of millions around the world like that? Just like it happens in real life.

If you have watched the latest episode of The Originals that aired this Wednesday, May 30, then you would be knowing what a devastating end it had. Hayley Marshall was killed off and though that death was heroic, badass, and resonated with the character’s personality, heart = broken.

The episode What, Will, I, Have, Left that began with Hope and her mum trying to escape Roman’s captivity came to Greta attempting to kill Hayley. Thanks to Elijah’s silly amnesiac behavior and memory issues worse than any disease ever known mankind, Klaus was incapacitated.

One thing led to another and Hayley’s heart was about to be twisted and thrown out by Greta, her wolf form stripped off. that’s when she took a bold decision, cut off Greta’s finger that was wearing a daylight ring, and took the vampire along with herself out in the sun.

Where both of them turned to ash. Before Hayley died she took a good look at Klaus and Hope and a shock wave went down our spines and boom! Where was Marcel? Fans are not happy with the sacrificial move Hayley made or with the overall plot either.

With a major character killed off, one question arises; will Hayley be resurrected or is she gone for good? “You’ll have to watch and see,” said Phoebe Tonkin in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. This sentence gave us some hope, does Tonkin mean we can get Hayley back?

Consulting producer Jeffrey Lieber said in an interview with TV Guide when asked if this was the end point of Hayley’s story, “I don’t think I’m giving anything away in saying that she is in other episodes this season, so that her death is not nearly her end.”

He further added, “There’s still a lot more of her story and her story with Elijah and her story as the mother of Hope to be told.” This season we have only seen Hayley in a few episodes up till now. Fans are looking forward to Elijah’s reaction when he regains his lost memory and puts together his role in Hayley’s death.

Joseph Morgan who plays Klaus Mikaelson, has also tossed in his views on this death with regards to the character he plays. “They’ve learned to live together to the point where they have become a family,” he said talking about Hayley and Klaus. “He really feels the weight and responsibility of being the only parent.”

Some fans have pointed out a few ways Hayley could be brought back. She could either come back in her werewolf form or she wouldn’t at all. Perhaps the next episodes only show her in bits and pieces of memories like this show has done with dead characters in the past.

This is the fifth season which also happens to be the last. However, the spinoff will get a spinoff. Hope-centric series called Legacies will hit The CW later this year. We’re not sure if any of the primary characters from this show would be left alive then to join the cast in the next.

A few characters that we know from TVD would be continuing their roles and so will be Hope Mikaelson who is played by Danielle Rose Russel. Let’s see what happens next at The Originals. Next episode airs next week on June 6.