The title above must have made you think in your head, ‘It’s easier said than done’. If that’s correct, do not fret, as you are surely not the only one to have thought so. Every second person in our surroundings is nurturing this habit of overthinking. It is not easy to not fret over small things for a lot of people. However, you surely NEED to change it NOW.

Change the outlook about life:

If you can’t stop thinking about the minor inconveniences that keep happening with you, you should alter your outlook about life.

Count the blessings:

The most effective thing that you can do in the time of distress is counting the blessings. Blessings that overjoy us and stimulate good feelings in us should be reiterating at the times when you are feeling low. This practice will fill your heart with gratitude and conceal all the worries. Give this feeling an extension by thinking; what if I was not bestowed with this blessing?

This will surely give you a shrug and make you want to thank the Lord for that benediction. It will also expand your vision of life and give you a definite purpose.

Celeberate small things:

Celebrating small milestones and laud yourself for even the smallest achievement will enhance your morale, for sure.  Rather than thinking about the pot that you broke in the morning, think of how many books you have read this week. It will give you a sense of achievement, and celebrating it with a piece of chocolate will further add to your will of doing good things with greater enthusiasm.