Taking care of your skin should be your number one priority if you want to keep your looks youthful. Your focus shouldn’t only be on what products you can use on your face though, but on your entire body. Did you know that the parts of your body that first give away your age are your neck and hands? And that stubborn wrinkles can form on other areas of your body too, not just around your eyes, mouth, and forehead?

This brings us to body creams, products that can keep your skin supple and soft without requiring too much of your effort. Body creams come with various benefits for your skin. But first, let’s understand what differs a body cream from a body lotion.

The difference between a body cream and a body lotion

A body lotion is lighter than a body cream even though both are made from oil and water. They contain ingredients like essential oils, and natural fragrances as well. Both a body cream and a body lotion work toward the end of moisturizing your skin.

However, while body creams are thicker and hence, used for heavy coverage on very dry skin types, body lotions are lighter and for moderately dry skin. The use of a body cream is apt for when you come from taking a hot shower. The essential oils in the cream replace the lost natural oils on your skin along with making it pleasantly fragrant.

Benefits Of A Body Cream

Adding a body cream to your routine is a great idea. Here’s a look at some of the benefits you can get from its application:

1 – It keeps your skin glowing

The first and foremost benefit of a body cream is that locks in moisture and keeps your skin radiant. It doesn’t let your skin appear cracked and torn. In the long term as well, this quality of its can benefit you as when your skin is hydrated, it doesn’t lose its youthfulness so easily.

2 – It hydrates and rejuvenates skin

In the cold weather, it can be very tough to maintain healthy-looking skin when you are struggling with dryness. Body creams lock in moisture and keep you looking fresh like a daisy. By moisturizing your skin, a body cream prevents wrinkle formation.

3 – It makes you smell amazing

The addition of fragrances and natural essential oils doesn’t only give dry skin the oil boost that it needs but also makes you smell great. You can also apply a body cream as a base of a mist of the same line to make the fragrance last longer.

4 – It makes your skin soft and smooth

After waxing your skin or going through another such harsh treatment because of any procedure or the environment, your skin needs moisture. By hydrating your skin amply, a body cream leaves it soft and supple to the touch.

5 – It improves your skin’s texture

Providing long-lasting moisture is not the only effect of a body cream. In addition to instantly moisturizing dry skin, a body cream also promotes cell turnover and keeps your skin elastic. This means it makes your skin healthy.

Should you only apply a body cream in the winters?

Your skin doesn’t only lose moisture when the temperature drops drastically. In fact, depending on your skin type, you may experience excessive dryness in peak summers too! Sometimes your skin gets dry when you come out from a hot bath or when you get your skin shaved to get rid of hair.

There can also be other reasons behind why your skin looks visibly less moisturized. If you consume a high-salt diet, this can make your skin very dry. Not drinking enough water and stress can also contribute to dryness of the skin. Furthermore, certain medications also reduce moisture levels.

Why can you not apply a body cream on your face?

Like there is a difference between body creams and lotions, there is a difference between hand creams, face creams, eye creams, and body creams. Each product is specifically designed considering the needs of the body parts and how sensitive they are.

Your face has sensitive skin which is thinner. Facial skin also has more oil glands and is constantly exposed to environmental factors. This is why your facial skin is more prone to attract skin problems. Body creams are not made taking into account the delicacy and sensitivity of your facial skin which is why they cannot be massaged on your face.

While one would think that the thick barrier of a body cream would protect the facial skin, this is not the case. Body creams are very heavy and contain too much oil, so they are not for your facial skin. Using them can actually cause acne.

How to choose your body cream

When picking your body care products, you should first consider your skin type and then buy accordingly. If you have very oily skin, you may not need a body cream at all. Go for a lotion instead. If you are fragile dry skin, choose a body cream. Always go for a product with natural, plant-based ingredients.