If you are someone who enjoys the taste of words, Colleen Hoover’s Verity is one novel that you must not miss. Quite different from her usual works, Verity leaves fans wondering about the book several days after finishing the last chapter.

The Texas-based author has been serving hit after hit for the past six years now and though 14 of her books are already on shelves, she’s not slowing down. Essentially, Hoover’s books talk about love and trauma and weave them together to give fans something new.

And if you thought that she couldn’t create better stories than All Your perfects and It Ends with Us, you’d be pleased to know you were wrong. Verity, written in the same clear manner the author employs typically, manages to keep you on your toes.

The story follows a struggling author, Lowen Ashleigh, who is desperate for even a place to crash. When Jeremy Crawford, husband of hit writer Verity Crawford, hires her to complete the series of his injured wife, she knows her life is about to take a turn. However, the turn that her life does take is one that she couldn’t even have expected in the least.

To fill in the writing-shoes of her established co-author, Lowen has to go through Verity’s notes in her home office. That’s when she finds herself in two conundrums. Lowen finds secrets that she doesn’t know how to bury, and her heart starts betraying her when she finds herself falling for Jeremy.

More than just a twisted story, this romantic thriller will make you second-guess every single word you read. And in the end, you still wouldn’t be sure of what happened. This is perhaps what makes Verity such a different and complicated read.

However, if you are someone who is sensitive, beware that this book can have some pretty gruesome scenes. Plus, you may not want to read this book before sleeping at night. Because uno, some moments in the novel may creep you out. And duos, you may not want to sleep but read every next chapter!