Is Meghan Markle breaking royal rules already? Apparently, she’s not. However, some people think that the dress she wore at her Trooping the Colour event was against royal dress code. The Duchess of Sussex wore an off-the-shoulder dusty pink dress.

From the way some people have been criticizing her, one would wonder if she had celebrated the festivities in a casual pair of jeans and a rainbow-coloured top! However, her Carolina Herrera dress deserved nothing more than fangirling. The new bride, who just headed back from her honeymoon, looked every bit gorgeous. She also wore a hat to complete her formal look.

Sure, Kate Middleton hasn’t ever worn short sleeves to the Queen’s birthday celebrations. Neither did Princess Diana ever were short sleeves to the Trooping event. But that doesn’t mean that Markle’s ensemble was unacceptable. Because royal experts agree on this view.

Myka Meier, who is the founder of Beaumont Etiquette, and a royal expert told People magazine that Markle’s attire wasn’t exactly traditional. But does that mean that it was outright disrespectful? Majesty managing editor Joe Little told People, “It was deemed by some people to be a bit revealing, but personally I couldn’t see any harm in it. She looked great.”

“There are no rules for the birthday parade, but I’m not sure it matters,” further added Little. So, while this dress wouldn’t be an appropriate choice for other royal events, it wasn’t unallowed at the event that took place this weekend. Looks like people are just looking at Meghan Markle with a lot more judgement in their eyes now.

Some twitter users slammed the Duchess while others cheered her on. Another point to notice: while the former Suits actress wore a pale pink dress, Middleton, Carolina, and Queen Elizabeth were seen in power blue outfits. Was Meghan not invited to their decision of wearing blue or was there no planning behind this? Either way, all the royal ladies looked stunning!