When it comes to skincare, you have two options – either buy one of those fancy, in-trend products or choose home remedies. You’d have heard of several of those, you know the ‘mix honey and sugar for exfoliating your skin’ type of recipes for better skin.

But which of the two options is better? Should you simply go for the convenience of store-bought skincare products or dive straight into the world of home remedies? The first advice for you in this regard would be to experiment and try out both a bit. But if you don’t want to work that hard to figure out which would work of the two, give a shot to home remedies.

Why would anyone suggest that? Well, here are our top 5 reasons why home remedies for skincare are way better than purchasing products even if those are more convenient:

1 – They are more cost-effective

What if you invest in a skincare product only for it to not work for your skin? How many items are you going to buy and store? A better idea would be to rather invest in ingredients in your kitchen which can work for your skin as well. Compared to brand-name products, they wouldn’t even cost you much and they will always also have other uses.

2 – You can tailor remedies to suit your skin’s condition

Depending on the season, your skin’s condition, your stress markers, and other factors, your skin’s needs would change almost every few days. Does that mean you should invest in new products all the time? The cost-effective and usable nature of skincare remedies allows you to invest a minimal amount for constantly changing your skincare routine as per your skin’s requirements.

3 – They are way gentler

Yet another reason why skincare products are not as great as homemade skincare remedies is that the latter are gentler on your skin. Products from big companies might leave your skin’s natural pH balance disrupted. On the other hand, natural remedies work in sync and favor of your skin as shown by research as well.

4 – Skincare products contain fillers

Most store-bought products for your skincare regime contain very little amounts of natural agents which they have boldly advertised on their package. Why do they do this? Because adding the actual natural ingredient in a large quantity would be expensive. Therefore, there are more artificial replacements formulated in a laboratory and fillers than nature-sourced components.

5 – There are long-term benefits

Last but the not the least, store-bought ingredients may do little to nothing for your skin in the long run. In fact, they may even damage your skin for when you get older despite giving good at-the-moment results. On the flip side, there are many benefits for your skin in the long term when you use home remedies for better skin.