Just as hand sanitizers use alcohol as their base, these new deodorants pick the inspiration from these germ-killing formula. The common call is that everything is tried and tested but the awful pit small won’t go. Well, you might want to reconsider what you say with this product that is claiming to work as a fairly good antidote to the problem.

A couple in Colorado is saying that by rubbing their alcohol containing Pit Liquor, they will be able to rid of the smelly underarms problem. The founders, Jason and Erica Feucht claim that this new antiperspirant works wonders.

The formula is basically a mix of all the edible ingredients that are friendly to the body and won’t culminate in any side effects. The couple creators also claim that a lot of testing has gone into the product and it works by simply killing the germs that cause all the terrible underarm odor in the first place.

The Feuchts terms their deodorant as an “organic, crazy-effective deodorant made from whiskey, vodka, and other entirely edible, entirely body-friendly ingredients.” Erica also reveals the inspirational story behind the product, “We formulated this deodorant while I was pregnant and we could no longer stand the toxic slurry of regular deodorant or the inaction of many natural deodorants . . . In a moment of desperation, I threw some hand sanitizer on my pits and viola! An idea was born.”

The alcohol-based deodorant is to launch in three fragrances viz; Whiskey Vanilla, Whiskey Lavender, and Whiskey Black Pepper. The first whiff might come off as strong but then it will quickly disappear. According to the crowdfunding organization, Kickstarter, that has the deodorant’s back, “No one complained about the smell.”

The liquor fragrances will hit the market in February as per the Kickstarter campaign. Each spray bottle will have a holding capacity of 3.4 ounces and will last for a month. The bottle will be up for grabs for $12.