The thing about jeans is that it can be your partner in crime all around the year regardless of its color. Blue jeans; who doesn’t know how to rock a pair of those? However, with black ones, it does get a wee bit challenging. The question stands; what to wear with black jeans and look like a steezy fashionista who always aces at her style game?

Black is the color you should go for in this chillier season. It’s not set in stone though that the black denim sitting in your cupboard is solely for fall and winter. While in summers, you can throw on your black jeans with a plain white shirt and look classy without having to pour in any styling efforts, it is not all that easy in these months of the year.

Because winters call for layering and layering is an art that must be mastered. However, some lasses also find a question mark hovering above their head when they think about what to wear with black jeans even in the warmer months. Because black is not that easy to pull off in summers.

Black jeans are a basic piece of clothing; an essential that makes its way out of your wardrobe one too many times. Here are ways you can rock a pair and look chicly classy.

Keep it hot and trendy

Here’s how you can make sure that you look hot enough to melt hearts. Pair your black jeans with a grey surplice crop top. Whichever jeans style you go for; the one with flares, boyfriend jeans, distressed jeans, or just good old slim fit jeans, you are sure to look like a diva! A cropped one will allow you to flaunt your footwear best.

what to wear with black jeans

Denim on denim

There was a time when rocking denim on denim was considered a no-no. However, these days wearing double denim is in vogue. You can pair your black ripped skinny jeans with a plain black shirt. Throw on a dark blue oversized denim jacket and ta-da! Your look is on fleek, classy, and effortlessly cool.

Party Ready

They say red and black are the official party colors. Here’s how you can rock a pair of black jeans like a pro and look picture perfect: keep the base layer casual with a round neck white tee and black ripped jeans. Next, toss on a faux fur cheetah or tiger printed jacket; can be of any color palette from the original tones to one with a shocking pink or bright yellow twist. A chain strap crossbody bag plus ankle booties and you’re all set to keep the spotlight on yourself.

Go different

Want to look uniquely steezy? Here’s another outfit idea! Pair your high-waisted black jeans with a black round neck top. Complete the look with a beige hooded open knit cardigan. The best part is that you can sport this look everywhere. So, on busy days when you have to look your best and have to hop from one place to another, going for this outfit would be the right choice.

Rock it like Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is always going to be there for you to give you some style pointers. This girl sure knows all the how’s and what’s of fashion. Talking about what to wear with black jeans, you can wear your pair with a fitted beige crop top and a black bomber jacket. For the perfect finishing touch dress your feet in strappy sandals in black and your off-duty style is sure to impress all your girlfriends!

Sporty style

Since not all of us ladies are fans of keeping it chic, here is how you can direct your look in the sporty direction with black jeans. Wear a cropped black jeans, or fold up your regular pair once. Throw on that grey tee that is your gym buddy. If you wish, you can take the notch up on your style and add a moss green jacket to the mix as well.

what to wear with black jeans

Orange and black

Because standing out is a priority, you can add a pop of orange to your look. Here’s how: pair that black skinny jeans with a black high neck. Then toss on an orange coat and you’re sure to turn heads and catch appreciative glances everywhere you go. The perfect winter look, not only is this outfit idea stylish but it is also cozy and will keep you warm.

Casual and cool

Minus the efforts, plus the style and sass. Black jeans with a button-down flannel shirt can be your go-to option for any day of the year. You can sport this look anywhere; hanging out with friends, or strolling downtown? Out shopping or on campus? Summers or winters? Not too overdone, no simple either, this outfit idea is stylish all the time. Complete the look with black sneakers.

Sophisticated with white

The love story of black and white is older than Romeo Juliette’s, perhaps older than time itself. A fashion noob can rock these two tones together. Blush + White + Black, these colors can never go wrong. Wear your black slim fit jeans with a white blouse and top the look with a white blazer. So chic, this can be the look that you can rock from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. Add high heels in form of boots, sandals or wedges, and you are sure to allure!