In today’s oh-this-is-odd news we’ve got an observation that TMZ made. Before going public about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, Maddison Brown had said that she wanted to shag his older brother, Chris Hemsworth too! Now is not that a bit awkward?

The younger Hemsworth lad has been seen doing all sorts of romantic actions with Maddison in recent days. Clearly, the 22-year-old is his new interest following his scandalous breakup with Miley Cyrus. Last week, the two were seen on New York City’s streets holding hands and all smiles.

The Hunger Games actor seemed to be in a happy-goofy mood with a grin on his face. At different points during their romantic stroll, Liam was seen whispering into Maddison’s ear, holding her in a hug, passionately kissing her on the lips, and even nuzzling her neck!

Wow! Looks like our boy Hemsworth has also moved on. Apart from being spotted with the Dynasty actress at The Flower Shop bar for drinks, they were also seen at the Alley Cay amateur theatre. Meanwhile Miley Cyrus was quicker in the dating department after her divorce with Liam.

Only a short while before their breakup caught the attention of reporters, Miley was seen kissing Kaitlynn Carter, Brody Jenner’s ex-wife. That relationship didn’t last, and the Wrecking Ball singer moved on with Cody Simpson, who is also Australian like Liam.

Miley Cyrus has not been shy about her love affairs with her sharing her latest romantic interest even on Instagram. Her and Liam’s split came as a shocker to everyone as it happened only 7 months after their wedding. Before tying the knot, the pair had been in an on and off relationship for almost a decade. They first were linked together in 2009, on the set on their movie The Last Song.

Another thing you should know is that Cody and Miley have been friends for quite a while now. Even before marrying Liam, Miley had dated Cody for a short period. As for Maddison’s desire to bang both the Hemsworth brothers, that was something she said on a fun show four months ago.

Clearly, she was joking but still managed to get lucky with Liam! Brown appeared on the Zach Sang Show along with Liz Gillies. There she played “F, Marry, Kill” with the host. While this video meant nothing just a handful of months back, now it’s coming in the limelight once again.

One person commented on the YouTube vid, “uhmmm I really hope, for her sake, that neither Liam nor Chris see this interview lol.” Another wrote, “Maddison manifested her and Liam Hemsworth lol.” A fan worried, “People are gonna give Maddison hell for this.. she was playing a game and it was a joke.” It is obvious that this was merely a joke.

Some people think that Liam Hemsworth is dating Maddison to take revenge from Miley who has been all over the internet for quickly moving on from Liam. Netizens are also pointing out that like Miley, Maddison too has blonde hair. Does Liam have an obvious type?