Life is not easy for a curly-haired girl. She has to opt for the most expensive items available in the market, that too numerous. Unlike the straight-haired girls, they cannot rely on a single product to moisten and hydrate the hair. As the curly hair is naturally dry and cannot hold on the moisture for long, it is needed to add extra hydration to it. For that reason, curly-haired girls need to fill their hair up with moisture through artificial products.

To keep the hair well in shape, it is necessary to go for chemical-free products. The products filled with chemicals strip hair of all kinds of moisture. This ends the hair up with dry and dehydrated.

To keep hair in shape and good curls, women opt for the curly girl method, also known as the CG method.

The protocol of this method:

The CG method requires the users to focus more on the conditioner and less on the shampoo. Even the shampoos opted by girls should be free of all kinds of chemicals and toxins. On the other hand, in order to follow the CG method accurately, shampoo should be avoided and conditioners should be used to clean the scalp.

The method:

1. Avoid shampoos:

Shampoos are filled with chemicals and toxins, which build upon the scalp making the hair go dry and rough. To avoid these chemicals, it is necessary to opt for natural items and stay away from all kinds of build-ups on the scalp. Nonetheless, there are a few chemical-free options available. Deva Curl is surely the most reliable option to opt for when it comes to choosing a toxin-free shampoo.

2.  Avoid the hair brush:

Brushes are also one of the major reasons why the curly hair get tangled in a complex manner. The curly hair needs to be untangled with great care. The brushes tend to rip off the curls of the hair, causing the hair strands to blow. Eventually, it leads to the hair going frizzy and look lifeless. Thus, the curly girl method required the girls to ditch the hair brush and opt for wide tooth combs or fingers.

3. Double conditioner:

To keeps the hair in good condition, it is necessary to keep them well moisturized. This, however, is not possible when the hair is curly. Thus, unlike the straight hair, curly ones needs to be conditioned twice. Thus, once the hair is shampooed, it is necessary to condition it twice. The hair can be conditioned with the same conditioner both times or different ones can be opted.

4. Leave in conditioner:

A leave in conditioner is used after rinsing out the actual conditioner. It’s taken in the palm and applied on the hair, from top to the bottom. However, this time, there is no need to rinse the hair off.

All one needs to do is to comb the hair with wide tooth comb once the leave in conditioner is applied. .