Young girls swoon over the idea of a guy who smokes. Only to question before going on a date with a smoker what kissing him would feel like. So, what does it feel like? Some would say that it is like kissing any other person while others would warn you to keep distance from a smoker if you are someone who wants to French kiss.

Smoking may or may not affect kissing

Apart from putting your lungs at risk, smoking also takes down your rating as dateable material. Wondering why? Depending on how much a person smokes, chances are he and she often reeks of the awful smell.

The smell from cigarettes sits inside not only the mouth of a smoker but also in his clothes and hair. At the end of the day though, it completely depends on how many cigarettes a person smokes in a day. Those who are not regular smokers and enjoy cigarettes rarely are not likely to have a very awful breath provided they take care of their oral hygiene.

For those who smoke a whole pack a day, kissing such people can be quite a challenge. Furthermore, the issue with chronic smokers is that their oral health and hygiene is often compromised. Their teeth might be stained too and their gums unhealthy. Few people take care of scrubbing their mouth properly and thoroughly while brushing their teeth.

Mint strips and mouthwashes are not enough to eradicate the stench. Other than the smell that comes from the mouth of a smoker, his clothes, hair, and sofa may also not smell desirable. Dating a heavy smoker may also make your own hair and clothes smell of cigarettes.

A survey by Inogen found that 70% of women are repulsed by smokers and 65% of them wouldn’t date one. Whether kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray is true or myth is not completely clear. Some people believe in it, other think it was a technique once devised to reducing the habit of smoking among the population.