From the keto diet to the many detox diets out there, we’ve all started depending on the opinions of experts a bit too much. Our dependence on the latest fads in the so-called health and wellness fields has spiraled so out of control that we’ve stopped paying attention to what our body wants.

It’s time we turn to Intuitive Eating to ensure that the needs of our body are met. Intuitive eating is not another diet trend that dictates what you should and shouldn’t eat. In fact, it is a philosophy which says that you should be the sole decider of what, when, and how to eat.

Intuitive eating – what is its purpose?

Intuitive eating is like mindfulness only that it applies to your eating habits. It urges you to make healthier choices. The purpose of this eating style is to promote positivity toward food and body image.

Even in today’s modern landscape, several healthy people are made to believe that they need to weight less to look good enough. At the same time, obesity has become an ever-increasing, uncontrollable problem. As of 2018, 30% of the global population is obese.

By practicing intuitive eating, you are able to listen to your body. This means to stop eating when you know you are full enough and to eat when you know you are hungry. You’d think that such thinking would be followed by everyone anyway.

Surprisingly though, many people do not have much control on how much and when they eat. Several delay eating when they are hungry to lose weight. Even more so eat more than their body requires.

To start with intuitive eating, you need to be able to differentiate between emotional and physical eating. Physical eating is done for the sake of reloading your nutrients and energy levels and can be satisfied by eating whatever served.

Meanwhile emotional eating refers to eating because you feel stressed, sad, lonely or bored. Such eating only induces feelings of guilt. It also makes you hate yourself which stresses you more and fuels your urge to eat.

9 ways to start intuitively eating

Here are the 9 basic ways of implementing intuitive eating:

1 – Understand that diets cannot help

It is necessary to get that diets will not work. Diets often are either too challenging to be followed through or they do reduce weight but only in the short run. This means you put on even more weight once the diet is complete. You should eat healthily not as per a diet.

2 – Eat when you are hungry

It is not uncommon for many to delay eating even though they feel obviously hungry. If your body hints that it needs food, you should feed it. If you just let your hunger build, you’ll end up overeating.

3 – Don’t resent eating

A lot of people love food but resent eating. This is because they do not want to put on weight. You need to stop being war with eating and food. Learn to accept food and your body’s need to nourish.

4 – Know when you are full

It’s not necessary to be filled up to your throat. Once you feel full enough, stop eating. You should be comfortably full not nauseatingly filled. Therefore, eat slowly and understand when you are feeling just full. Stop right there instead of stuffing yourself more.

5 – Enjoy your food

Make sure to eat what you like because if you eat food that doesn’t satisfy you, you’re likely to eat more. You’ll keep pursuing the need to feel the taste of particular foods which will only add more to your plate.

6 – Don’t eat because you’re stressed

Emotional eating can be dangerous. It causes overeating which when done regularly, expands your appetite. When you feel disturbed or worried, bored or lonely, call a friend, meditate, take a walk and follow other strategies but say no to emotional eating.

7 – Love your body

Don’t try too hard to try to fit the mold of what others want you to look like. Accept your body. Understand that you are beautiful and capable the way you are. This way reduce your urge to eat more or less.

8 – Exercise more

Instead of focusing on dieting, try exercising. Get your body to move more. The benefits attained by exercising are several. Not only do you feel energized but get into shape too. You reduce your risk of several diseases and feel mentally active as well.

9 – Eat healthy

Make sure that your body gets all the nutrients that it eats. While you should like what you eat and enjoy your meals, don’t stuff in too much unhealthy food. Also, know that occasional cheat days are not going to influence your health status.

Even research shows that intuitive eating can help you live a healthier lifestyle. It has a positive impact on your psychological health as well as your self-esteem is boosted.