Selena Gomez is adored around the world. Not long ago she was the most followed person on Instagram which speaks volumes of her extensive audience. Of course, not only Westerners, but people from the East are also obsessed with the Disney star.

Recently a picture of Gomez was seen on a billboard in Talas which is a town in Kayseri, Turkey. In said photograph, the Wolves singer can be seen wearing a headscarf. The billboard read the welcome message of the mayor of the town, Mustafa Yalçin.

Now it’s obvious that the 27-year-old wouldn’t have posed for the shot wearing the hijab. In fact, it’s unlikely that the person who photoshopped her into the image would have even asked for her permission. However, this is not the first time that Selena Gomez’s pictures have surfaced around Turkey.


Talking about the songstress, she has been through a lot lately. After her relationship with Justin Bieber came to an end last year, the Canadian crooner didn’t take time to move on. Soon he was seen with his now wife Hailey Bieber whom he married only a few months following the news of their dating. Selena Gomez’s mental health suffered, and she had to get admitted to a rehab center.

She took a break from social media and then reappeared quite a while after, looking healthy and glowing from within. Despite all that she went through, the Coach ambassador didn’t stop and continued acing at her career. Only a few days back, she appeared on a vodcast with her girl pals where she mentioned that she has been exploited which has brought her trust issues.

The American singer also talked about how she is the troublemaker of her lot. She mentioned that she is “mischievous” but that’s because she has such great friends. Gomez went on to add that she likes adventure which drives her to make things more interesting.