The Kardashian drama is revolving around Kourtney Kardashian as of late. The mother of three has been slammed by her sisters on their reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians in almost all the episodes that we’ve watched so far of this season.

The drama also involves Scott Disick who is currently dating Sofia Richie. Now that Kourtney Kardashian has broken up with her 25-year-old boyfriend, the 19-year-old is feeling very insecure. Reports say that Sofia is worried Scott would make his way back to Kourtney.

A source reported to HollywoodLife, “Sofia does not believe for one minute that Kourtney does not want to get back together with Scott which make her very uncomfortable. Sofia sees how Kourtney looks at Scott and is well-aware of how much they still talk which makes it hard for Sofia to feel secure with Kourtney always around.” Oh, boy! That definitely sounds like trouble for the model.

Another news that was circulating mid-August also claimed that Scott Disick would “get back together with Kourtney in a heartbeat.” However, the same source also said that Kourtney is happy for Scott and is okay with co-parenting with him but is not even entertaining the idea of getting back together.

We don’t know who to feel sorry for! Sofia for having such unwelcomed drama in her life or Scott who is reportedly happy about Kourt’s breakup and wants her back? Guess our attention should be on Kourtney who has went through so much with her sisters being mean to her too!

Sure, she’s also mean but now that she’s the target her sisters are firing insults at her back-to-back. Kim Kardashian also called Kourtney “the least interesting to look at.” That would have hurt. The teaser for the next episode of their reality TV show shows that not only will Kourtney Kardashian be dealing with sisters but her ex Scott too!