December 8, 2021

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What is Fake Notary Email Fraud?

Fraudulent emails from notaries have been wreaking havoc for weeks after UFC-Q Socier collected a large amount of evidence from across France on October 07, causing massive financial damage to the victims.

All kinds of scams have increased in recent weeks Who falsely called for justice Or The so-called Irish technique, A new fraud linked to notary fees is spreading in France.

Thieves who have multiple notary emails after hacking their mailbox ask customers for a deposit to buy their property. Offenders exchange their notary bank identification statement using their own bank details, often overseas.

Once the abused person becomes aware of the illegal precedent, the transaction is already approved by the bank, making it impossible to cancel the payment at the last minute. According to data provided by the Consumer Association, ,000 30,000 was stolen from the process in North-Pass-de-Calais and Pav (Arije) for ,000 30,000.

Phone is more secure than email

It is therefore recommended to call your notary or go directly to the branch to confirm the bank details before this type of transfer.

Emails sent by notaries should no longer be relied upon because they are likely to be hacked. The Superior Council of Notaries has confirmed that several mailboxes have been hacked this summer by professionals in the field.

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