A drink after another until you become so full that you could admit all your mistakes while standing in the New York Times Square facing not only your parents but also you ex. Sure, you only allow yourself to exceed your limits once and twice but if binging an alcohol becomes a regular problem, you have to do something about it. Not only so that you can save your pride but mainly because too much alcohol is bad for your body.

Sure, red wine comes with some health benefits but overdoing it can cause more harm than good. There is a fine line between how much you should drink and how much you shouldn’t. More than 7 drinks in a week for women and more than 14 for men is a no-no. Not only does overdosage lead to multiple health problems but it can also lead a person to his grave. Yep, it’s that bad.

That said, below given are some pointers that explain what happens when you drink too much alcohol. In short? Your body protests.

  1. Your body needs to do more work

When you overdrink, your body works to metabolize all that alcohol in your system. It cannot store alcohol anywhere and hence, it prioritizes the metabolization of the drinks you have had. Which means carbs, fats, proteins they all come second. Moreover, your liver also has to do more work as it has to cleanup the mess inside – it has to detoxify.

  1. You can gain weight

Too much alcohol is directly proportional to much sugar and calorie content. When your body works on metabolizing alcohol, the fats and calories can get stored. This can increase your weight. It’s no secret that obesity comes with several many downsides – from heart-related troubles to mental health concerns that can bud because of societal pressure and confidence issues.

  1. Your heart is put at risk

Drinking too much alcohol does not only out your heart at risk of developing diseases indirectly by causing fats and calories to get accumulated. It can also cause direct damage by messing up the rhythm of heart beats in a condition called arrhythmias. Moreover, the heart may also suffer through cardiomyopathy. Plus, the risks of shoot blood pressure levels are also taken higher.

  1. It can cause pancreatitis

Another bad news? The buildup of digestive enzymes which are created by the pancreas can cause inflammation which in turn leads to pancreatitis. This condition several complications. Chronic pancreatitis can cause problems ranging from severe abdominal pain to kidney failure, infections of various kinds, and diabetes.

  1. It can weaken your immunity

A strong immune system is necessary for defending the body against the attacks of diseases and ailments. Alcohol overconsumption weakens the immune system and hence, invite in common colds, flus and other such issues more often. Heavy drinkers are more likely to become victims of pneumonia and tuberculosis.

  1. It messes up your gut health

When you binge on alcohol you also ruin the balance of your gut bacteria. Even though a moderate amount of red wine can benefit gut health, overconsumption is not good. Some alcoholic beverages kill good bacteria while others cause bacterial overgrowth which then travels to the liver. Studies confirm that negative role played by alcohol overconsumption when it comes to gut health.

  1. It can increase the risk of some cancers

Alcohol in huge amounts can also weaken white blood cells which are responsible for combating the attacks of harmful bacteria. This takes the notch up on the risks of developing certain cancers. Too much drinking can increase the risks of mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, and breast cancers according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

  1. It can cause damage to the liver

This is probably the most widely known impact that over drinking alcohol has on the body. The liver, as mentioned above, has to overwork to detoxify the body. This can cause inflammation which in turn can lead to cirrhosis and liver disease. Fatty liver is a common concern faced by those who are heavy drinkers. Fortunately, this condition can be reversed.

  1. It can have adverse impacts on your brain

Alcohol’s impact on the central nervous system are obvious as you find yourself with a foggy brain and slurring speech after a session of binge-drinking. Alcohol overconsumption can impair your brain’s abilities to make rational decisions, and to create long-term memories. Moreover, it can also cause permanent damage and brain disorders.

  1. It can make you an addict

Chronic over drinking can also make you become dependent on alcohol. Once you become physically dependent on alcohol, withdrawing from it can be very challenging and requires professional help. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe ranging from anxiety, heavy seating, nausea to hallucinations, seizures, etc.

  1. It can mess up with reproductive health

Contrary to what you may have thought, alcohol overconsumption can make you fail to deliver in bed as it lowers libido and can cause erectile dysfunction. Women, on the other hand, can struggle with infertility, miscarriages, stillbirths, and other such problems. Hence, too much alcohol has damaging impacts on sexual and reproductive health.


To recap, what happens when you drink to much is that your gut bacteria becomes unbalanced, your liver gets damaged, your heart is at the risk of developing diseases and high blood pressure levels. Moreover, the risks of developing certain cancers also climb up. Your immunity is weakened, your body is overworked, you can become a victim of pancreatitis, and even gain weight. Your brain health is also damaged, and you may become an addict too.

Therefore, drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health – that should be obvious by now. This is why it is necessary to limit alcohol intake.