Your body gives a signal if anything may be going wrong with your health. If you are facing pain in your ribcage, then maybe you should look closely at the symptoms. However, before searching it on the internet and coming up with absurd conclusions, it’s better to know some of the possible reasons behind the grueling pain.

The pain can range from dull to sharp and can be because of various reasons. Here are few of them described for you.

  • Injury

Injuries or bruises can be one of the reasons why the area under your rib might be hurting. You may feel an aching pain or even a sharp pain in the area if you went through an accident or fell which might have caused bruises.  

You might feel this sort of pain during a cough or even breathing as your torso has muscles that are all interlinked i.e. the intercostals muscles which might be damaged during the accident. On the other hand, sleeping in a wrong posture or sitting at work for too long are also considered important reasons behind the ache.

  • Gallstones

Another reason behind the pain under your right rib cage can be the presence of stones in your gallbladder, the gallstones. As the gallbladder is present on the right side beneath the liver and the presence of stone in them will cause serious pain and demands medical attention.

The pain can be sudden and you will feel the ache under the rib cage, in your abdomen, or even in the center of the abdomen. This might stay for a short period of time or can last for longer. It is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible as gallstones culminate in the inflammation of the gallbladder.

  • Liver Problem

The liver is also present on the right side of your body and any damage to the liver might be the reason for the pain you are feeling. Problems in the liver are considered one of the most obvious reasons behind the pain. The issues in the liver range from inflammation to infection and should be treated accordingly.

When you feel these pains and your physician diagnosis an issue in the liver, it is important that you give your proper attention to the cure of the liver. As the liver is responsible for various important functions and can be damaged with diseases like hepatitis, so, make sure that you get proper treatment.

  • Gastric Issues

Gastric issues are quite common among people coming from almost all the age groups and can be held responsible for the pain felt in the area under the ribs. The pain can be short-lived but sharp, if you are having gastric issues then you are not alone.

Gas can accumulate on the right side of your intestine and this area is called hepatic flexure. The accumulation of gas in this area will cause soft pain or even sharp pain and tenderness. If your right side is aching, there might be the confusion of having gallstones but first, make sure that you don’t have a history of gastric issues.

  • Kidney Stones

Apart from having stones in the gallbladder, there can also be stones in your kidney. These might be the reason behind the pain you are feeling on the right side. Urolithiasis is the name given to kidney stones. If the stones are smaller in size, they can be easily excreted from the body through urine.

However, you should consult a doctor as these stones can be larger in size and may need proper treatment. Usually, operations and laser treatments are done to remove these stones, but they might cause some serious damage.

These are few of the various reasons that can be causing pain under the right side of your rib cage. If you are feeling the pain regularly, then you should recommend a doctor as soon as possible.