The Wet and Wild Beauty Spring Collection is coming out with a bang, as it strings together spring with a holographic edge. The collection is a limited edition so you will have to be quick in getting what your heart desires. Here is a complete look into what the Goth-o-Graphic collection holds:

  1. Mega Glo Highlighting Powders

These highlighting powder will be coming out in 2 shades at a price of $4.99 each. The shades are:

  • White Raven
  • Purple Ashes
  1. Mega Glow Highlighting Stick

The Mega Glow Highlighting Stick will come is a single shade called Hell-o Darkness. It is set at a price of $6.99.

  1. Mega Glo Loose Highlighting Powder

A single loose highlighting powder for $6.99. The hue is named Moon Tears.

  1. Mega Last Liquid Catsuit Eyeshadow

4 shades of eyeshadows. Each is for $4.99 and the colors titled:

  • Pure Intention
  • Goth Tears
  • Nyctophilla
  • Mystic Dreamer
  1. Mega Last Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipstick

4 new liquid metallic lipsticks also grace this collection. Each is priced at $4.99. Colors include:

  • Death to Unicorn
  • Pastel Grunge
  • Wicked Pink
  • Gunmetal Heart
  1. Mega Liner Metallic Liquid Eyeliner

3 new metallic liquid eyeliner shades Each is again marked for a price of $3.99. Colors are:

  • Skull Prayer
  • Black Butterfly
  • Pink Coffin

You can also get your hands on the entire Wet and Wild Beauty Spring Collection in a

Goth-O-Graphic Box. It is available for $39.99 and is packed with all the items in the collection. It is launching on February 20 online on the brand’s website and will be up for grabs in stores on March 1.