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It’s pretty much possible that you describe your weight loss regime as a raft that has lost the wind to its sails and you are not even halfway to the shores that you have nicknamed as, ‘the slim island.’ Quite possibly, you would suggest that the wind wasn’t blowing in your favor and might as well give up.

However, that’s not how your weight loss plan is supposed to roll. You imagined success and just a few glitches shouldn’t really be deflating your spirit bubble. Instead of joining the ranks of overweight or obesity barracks, take a break and read through this piece on weight loss motivation to get back on track.

Plus, before you sail on, it is critical to remember that you are not alone. A vast number of people fall through this stage of feeling discouraged and down; almost giving up on achieving a fit and trimmed body. It is also very natural for motivation to wax and wane like a moon that goes through a cycle.

Motivation follows a natural rhythm so it is only natural that you get stuck on a wave with a short crest length of encouragement. Instead of back paddling though, try to fill in your weight loss motivation and sail through the rough waters.

Craft A Goal

Weight loss is like a business plan with both an input and an output. You invest time and energy to reap the outcome of a well-toned and properly shaped body. The means to this end are fitness workouts, weight loss plans and/or diet plans; whatever that suits you best. This medium along with the entire fitness plan needs to be treated like a business plan that is worth the investment.

In treating your weight loss plan as a business plan, you will be taking matters seriously. Also, you will be able to mark goals but make sure that you are flagging attainable goals. High-end goals that take time and strenuous effort to achieve can put you off.

It is only better to pepper your entire journey with accomplishable goals so that as you achieve them, you can feel empowered, and see that you are moving as per the plan. This also helps to subtract the frustration.

The Post-Workout Feeling of Motivation

It is not mandatory for motivation to essentially take the control panels before you start a workout session. The post-workout feeling can also be helpful in keeping you on track of rich progress. So focus on a feeling that you like, this could possibly be the feeling described above and work to achieve it. With your focus on the post-exercise feeling, you will be able to sail through the fitness session in no time.

To this end, Simon Rego, Ph.D., director of psychology training at Montefiore Medical Center in New York explains, “If you focus on how you feel each time you exercise, you’ll get all the benefits of burning calories, plus the reinforcement of remembering how good it felt to do it, which should increase your motivation to do more.”

Reward Yourself

Achieving something big is not a pre-requisite for rewarding yourself. You can and you should be rewarding yourself once every collection of baby steps is achieved. This is the exact reason that it is suggested that you plan attainable goals for yourself. As and when they are achieved, reward yourself, this is a pretty good way for weight loss motivation.

If you set your eyes on the finish line and pair it up with a reward, you’ll easily get frustrated and feel that you have not achieved anything. This will have a seriously negative impact on your engine power of motivation.

Those Skinny Model Posters Won’t Help

Posters can work as a fuel for encouragement but they can also put you off. A research has proven the same. As per the study, women were divided into two groups. One of the groups was provided with a food journal that contained lots of slim model pictures on the cover as well as the inside. The other group was provided with a neutral logo and it didn’t contain any such pictures.

The study noted that the other group that given a neutral logo food journal was able to shed the additional weight more easily as compared to the other group. This study concluded that pictures of slim models set unrealistic standards for women, resultantly, they ended up giving up on their plan to reduce their weight.

As an alternative, you can always keep track of your progress by clicking pictures daily, which is a good measure of weight loss motivation.

Keep Organized in Other Areas of Your Life Too

If you feel that your weight loss motivation travels along a zig-zag slope that heads downhill then you should be practicing organization in other areas of your life too. Integrity in other areas of your life will make you feel that you can accomplish the weight loss mission too.

As you maintain the train of your life on a proper track such as honoring promises with friends, family, and co-worker, pay off your debt or even make your own closet, your mind will see that a decline in the weight digits is also possible.

Andre Farnell, owner of Better Body Expert and a certified strength and conditioning coach adds, “Practice sticking with promises or commitments you’ve made in other areas of your life in order to strengthen your own subconscious belief that you are able to uphold the promise to lose weight that you’ve made to yourself”

Use Fitness Apps

Lastly, use the resources that are available to you. There are multiple fitness apps that can help to track your progress and those numbers glowing from your smartphone can make you feel supremely successful, even if they are small steps at a time. As these fitness apps are effective, there is all more reason to use them to boost your weight loss motivation.

Think Positive

Positive thinking can help you ace any test including the fitness plan. Negative thoughts will nonetheless have a way of polluting your thought bubbles and infect your weight loss motivation. However, positive thinking will work to fuel your motivation and will aid in achieving your fitness goal.

The key to success is a positive attitude. In this regard, Jeffrey Wilbert, Ph.D., author of Fattitudes: Beat Self-Defeat and Win Your War with Weight explains, “Self-defeating thoughts are often the most overlooked factors when a dieter gets off track.” Therefore, positivity and determination are crucial for preventing the spring of weight loss motivation from running dry.

Stop Making Excuses

You might have already dived into the pound shedding drill or you are still to take the beginner’s step, the one thing that you need to keep a safe distance from are excuses. Don’t make reasons for not continuing or not starting in the first place.

All programs face setbacks but that does not mean that you back out and shut down. The same goes for your weight loss plan, it can face a few downs, even a good number of downs but that still does not give you the excuse to make excuses.

A good way to combat such a matter is to think long-term. Instead of falling into the trap of the excuses and heading for a large chocolate bar, think how a toned body can make you look good or how it will be able to boost your confidence.