On a mission to shedding the additional stubborn pounds, there are blood, sweat, and tears. Throw in the mix the insistent warnings of staying away from food, the mission is on the track to become an ultimate failure. Besides the opening touch to the write-up though, let’s add a reality check here, there is no blood although there are lots of tears with a punch of deflated spirit and hopeless negativity of never being able to achieve your fitness goals.

While most of the weight loss journey zooms close to ‘no you don’t have to eat anything’ this isn’t the complete picture. The other side of the coin holds a list of items that don’t actually add to the fat reserve of your body, which makes them good for eating during the dieting spree. Don’t believe it to be true? Check out some of the weight loss friendly foods below:


The key to keep in mind while bringing the weight digits down in to feed on proteins. Cut the carbs and the fats. To this end, one amazing, as well as an appetizing food item is tuna. It is high in protein but low in calories. Also, as tuna is lean fish, it doesn’t have much fat in it too.

Tuna is such a popular fitness food that it is highly respected in the bodybuilding and modeling groups too. As a plus, when you pick tuna that is canned in water instead of oil, you will be maximizing your protein intake.


Another weight loss friendly food is cheese. To be accurate, ‘the name’s cheese, cottage cheese!’ Even though there is an initial setback here, that is you might have anticipated the name of cheese as your ticket to pizza-partying yet, we all just have to be mature enough to maintain respectful boundaries from pizza when it comes to reducing weight.

To cut to the core though, dairy products are packed with proteins. Cottage cheese, in particular, is low in fat and carbohydrates also. So when you eat cottage cheese during your diet plans, you consume low calories and more proteins. The dairy product is also rich in calcium, which lends a hand in the fat burning process.  So you have the entire situation in your favor.


Even though a lot of fruits and veggies can be added to this list for their obvious low-fat content yet these berries are just too hard to be tossed aside. They deserve to be mentioned. Blackberries offer versatility when it comes to helping in weight loss.

Uno, these berries are a punch of antioxidants and vitamin C. Dos, eating berries aids in boosting your alertness, and tissue tightening. Tres, the berries help to make you look young too. And cuatro, a single serving of the blackberries adds around 62 calories only.


You’d probably be thinking, why didn’t I see this one coming but the truth can be bitter at times. Regardless of the taste of truth, the fact is broccoli is nutritious both in its raw form as well as steamed version.

It is packed with anti-carcinogens that fight cancer-causing chemicals in the body. Additionally, the super veggie also contains vitamins A, C, E, and K. A serving of broccoli also gives you a dose of your daily fiber requirement. And just in case you don’t know or it slipped your mind, fiber is synonymous with good digestion that directly translates into natural weight loss.


Boiled potatoes also fall among weight loss friendly foods. Boiled potatoes play a deceiving trick on the brain. In that, they make you feel full once you eat them. Next thing you know, you won’t have to binge eat and will be in a better position to control your weight. These are also high in potassium that plays a critical role in controlling blood pressure.

If you leave the boiled potatoes for cooling, they will form a substantial amount of a fiber-like substance called resistant starch. This also helps to lose weight along with multiple other health benefits.