Twitter is the place where you express your opinions, whereas Instagram is the place where you express your resentment… without words. That place is brimming with more news than Hollywood itself. And Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) knows just how to use it. The Earned it star just deleted most of his pictures with former bae, Selena Gomez, as first reported by Cosmo UK.

Is this because in the midst of the mist of Gomez and Bieber’s lovey-doveyness, The Weeknd can’t chill on his weekends? (Ouch) Or is it because he wants to chill on his weekends with Victoria’s Secret model Bella Hadid? (Oooh) Who is also one of his exes, by the way. This ex going back to ex web is very detailed. Perhaps the guy just wants to move on. Interestingly, the singer-songwriter didn’t have any pictures with Hadid up, so he never had to delete anything.

This is not the first time Abel has scrolled through his Instagram to oust Selena-related stuff. The songster had just recently deleted Selena’s friends and family members from his account. He had unfollowed Theresa Mingus, Francia Raisa, Priscilla DeLeon and Jay Cosme, all closely associated with the former Disney girl. Later the two also unfollowed each other.

Gomez, though, hasn’t yet resorted to deleting Abel’s pictures from her Instagram. So even if The Weeknd is trying to delete all evidence of everything that happened between the two, years later you can still find the former couple’s photos peppered on Selena’s Instagram. That is, of course, if she doesn’t delete them too in retaliation.

Whatever, the reason behind why Abel Tesfaye decided to delete all their photos, we can’t unsee what we have seen. Also, there are two things that really can’t be deleted; ono, memories, duos, whatever the media has in its arsenal. Here’s to hoping he moves on easily.