The fact that the weed that you had just a little bit on a bonfire event is still present in your body can give you the heebie-jeebies. After all, you don’t want it showing up on a surprise urine drug test that comes from the blue.

Weed also known as cannabis or marijuana can stay in your body’s system for roughly 30 days from use. However, the exact answer to this is dependent on several factors. These include how regularly you use weed, how much you had the last time that you had weed, and so on.

In certain cases, the marijuana may even show up days after its use. The most that the ‘show-up on a test’ has taken is 90 days. Essentially, this is the longest reported time for detecting weed. So if you’re wondering, ‘how long is weed detectable in urine?’ then here is the breakdown the matter.

How long is weed detectable in a urine test?

Urine testing is the most common test for detecting weed in your system. According to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, weed can be found in your urine for different time periods. For instance, for occasional cannabis users (using weed up to three times in seven days), weed may show up until 3 days in the urine.

The situation varies if you are a moderate user who has weed four times in a week. In such a case, weed may show up in the urine test for until 5-7 days. Similarly, chronic users who take weed on a daily basis, the drug may show up for 10-15 days.

Lastly, in the category of chronic heavy users who have cannabis several times in a day, the drug appears in the test for more than 30 days.

Factors that determine the detection of weed?

Taking into account the factors mentioned above, the time for weed detection in urine depends upon two crucial factors. These are – how much and how often do you have marijuana?

The answer to these two questions determines the answer to your question of how long is weed detectable in urine. In addition to this, a medical consultant to International Cannabis Solutions, Joseph Rosado, highlights other factors.

He mentions, “Each of us has a unique metabolism that processes cannabis at a different rate.” He further adds, “Even among people of the same gender and age, individual lifestyle choices—such as levels of exercise and eating habits—may affect the amount of time required to pass a drug test.”

Thus, we can learn that lifestyle also plays a significant role in affecting the drug test results. As per Rosado, these factors include eating habits and the habit of physical activity.

Why does it take so long for weed to leave your body?

Traces of cannabis metabolites are fat soluble. This means that they bind to the fat molecules in your body. Consequently, it takes time for the bonded traces to leave your system and give you a clear pass on the drug test.

Besides, there are other tests that can help determine weed in your body. These include blood, saliva, and hair tests. In some of these tests, the drug shows up long after the initial intake of marijuana.

For example, in saliva testing, weed is detectable for 1-3 days for occasional users and 1-29 days for chronic users. In blood tests, however, weed is detectable for 1-2 days after use. In certain cases, however, marijuana has showed up in the blood after 25 days.

Weed can be detected in a hair test for the longest. Traces of the drug can show up for up to 90 days.