January 17, 2022

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Web Space Telescope launch postponed again!

He should have departed In the Ariane 5 launcher In exactly one week, on December 22nd. After several delays … since its initial release date was originally set for October, additional trials will be postponed to December 18 and its departure to 22 (see articles below).

Now the NASA Announced this morning that there is a communication problem between Telescope The space and launch vehicle system will have to postpone its departure until December 24th. The most powerful space telescope ever built, At a cost of more than $ 10 billion, is expected by the entire scientific community for a decade, will it fly into space in 2021? This is how it spreads its fingers, and then its journey Point D Lagrange L2, 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, runs smoothly. Given the stocks and the wait, we can imagine mental stress For Teams observing the web telescope on the Kourou spacecraft.

[EN VIDÉO] A minute to understand the alignment of the James-Webb space telescope
After launching into space on December 18, 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope will orbit the Lockrange L2 point 1.5 million kilometers from Earth for 29 days. During this period, JWST will gradually deploy its tools in order to be functional when it comes to the site.

Everything is fine! The James Webb Space Telescope will launch on December 22nd

By article Dorian de Schapemeister Released November 26, 2021

New release date confirmed Telescope Spatial James-Web. In a press release dated November 24, NASA announced that JWST will be launched into space on Wednesday, December 22 at 1:20 pm (French time) from the Gauro base in Guyana. The selection of this new date follows an adjournment announced after an incident on November 22: one of the clamping cables holding the device broke, causing Vibrations In the telescope.

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A team of engineers spent two days testing to verify that James Webb Space Telescope Suffered potential degradation. The researchers pointed out that no part was damaged, which allowed the products to restart Throwing. Will be delivered with JWST, from November 25th for the next 10 days Perfect goals, Which will feed Motivations Once in the telescope it is in space.

An incident that forced the launch of the world’s largest space telescope to be postponed

Article by Dorian De Schaepmeester published on 11/23/2021

One more adjournment Telescope Spatial James-Web. NASA has announced In a press release on November 22nd That’s the start Hubble heir, Originally scheduled for December 18, will soon take place on December 22. The company explains that the strap is intended to connect the telescope with a module integrated in the rocket. Ariane5 The device may have suddenly gone out due to vibrations.

The report said an investigation was underway to determine the circumstances of the incident, while further tests would be conducted to confirm proper functioning. James Webb Space Telescope. Depart from the latter Curo base, In Guyana. Postponement of the launch date marks a change in the general schedule: the telescope will only reach its purpose, with the Lagrange L2 point, located 1.5 million kilometers away, 29 days later, i.e. on January 20.

We know the launch date of the James Webb Space Telescope!

By article Xavier Dimmersman, Posted on 08/09/2021

That’s it! Finally! NASA, TheThat And Arianespace Have set a date for the most anticipated release JWST Alias The James Web Space Telescope is often offered as an alternative to the Hubble (31 years in space).

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After nearly two decades of costly growth, and a series of delays and delays in spaceflight, we are here: JWST is scheduled to depart on December 18. Fold inside the capsule Who is at a peak Initiator Ariane 5. We can not wait to see this and that The telescope uses its magnificent gold glass See the dark sideThe universe. We will meet on Saturday 18 December to find the event live from Guyana. Until then, do not miss our extraordinary series James Webb Space Telescope.

Launch of JWST, James Webb Space Telescope still postponed!

The ETX Daily Up article was published on July 17, 2020

On Thursday, NASA announced a second postponement of the launch James Webb, A large space telescope worth $ 10 billion. Finally, it will get started Rocket Ariane 5 on March 31, 2021, due International spread And other developmental issues. ” The Web is the world’s most complex space laboratory and our primary scientific priority is to work hard to keep pace with epidemics. NASA Science Director Thomas Surbuchen said.

Imagination in the 1990s, this Telescope Launched in the early 2000s.But numerous development issues, with major manufacturers Northrop Krumman, Led to several delays and cost doubling … NASA estimated $ 4.5 billion in 2007, rising to $ 9.66 billion in 2018.

The telescope launched from Guerrero (Guyana) will be placed Around the circular path Around soleil. 1.5 million km from Earth. Once his sunscreen is unfolded, it will be “high. A tennis court “. There will be one of them Glass The main three are more sensitive than the Hubble, which was launched in 1990, and is 6.5 meters in diameter. A large amount ” Find the dim light of the distance Stars And galaxies .

The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope has been further postponed

By article Natalie MayorReleased on 03/02/2020

Four years after the first decoding of 24 Chromosomes Who create Gene As a human being, refinement continues to fill gaps in laboratories around the world. The complete sequence of chromosome 5 was published in the journal Nature, indicating the path of half of the in-depth approach undertaken, i.e. twelve more chromosomes to be analyzed in detail.

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The Publication of the James Webb Space Telescope I don’t want to end up late anymore. Document published Government Accounts Office (GAO) estimates the probability of telescope launching to be 12% Ariane5 Announced in the summer of 2018 until March 2021. This is because most of the extracted calendar balance time is consumed by problems at the level of the two components needed to send scientific data to Earth.

However, the report notes that project managers did not. “I do not currently wish to change the release readiness date to respond only to this analysis”, But they plan “To re-evaluate its potential in the spring of 2020, after the completion of important technical measures”.

And it is good to make sure that all the technologies are working well before starting. Because unlike Telescopic spatial hubble Recognizes whose low orbital functions Maintenance, The James Webb Space Telescope orbits at a distance of about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. Anything will prevent anything Human intervention.