May 19, 2022

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WD Black SN770 1 TB Review: An intermediate SSD that is not afraid of competition

Limited to the advanced level until now, the PCIe 4 interface is gradually penetrating intermediate SSDs. A perfect example of WD’s Black SN770 series, SSDs offer theoretical speeds of around 5 GB – far from the big names exceeding 7 GB / s – but its interface is still PCIe. Even better if PCIe offers better than 3 solutions, especially in random access. The use of PCIe 4 allows the operation of the SN770 on the Sony PS5 console, but this requires the purchase of a third-party heat sink (about fifteen euros), and this SSD loses it.

The Black SN770 in its 1 TB version is very relaxed in its presentation. The number of components is not very high and the volume in the M.2 2280 format is quite staggering. There is a single 1TB 3D NAND TLC memory chip from Chioxia – WD’s partner company, formerly owned by Toshiba. This is BiCS5 memory with 112 cell layers, the most advanced version to date (05/2022) from its manufacturer.

Note for the eleventh time that this NAND is administered by an internal controller branded SanDisk – SanDisk is fully absorbed by WD – and bears the sweet name 20-82-10081-A1. We do not know much about the technical characteristics of this controller. Since the WD Black does not have a chip like the SN770, we find that it does not require cache memory to function.

Writing tolerance is best suited for 1TB SSD with 600TB data warranty. As well as being above the limit, the manufacturer also offers a 5 year warranty, whichever comes first.