Ways To Improve Your Memory

Believe it or not but our addiction to the internet and the latest technology and gadgets has taken a toll at our memory. The more we use the Facebook, twitter and Instagram and the more that we are hooked to the Xbox and PlayStation, the more we find it difficult to memorize thing. Also, with everything becoming digital, we can no more remember the phone numbers that easily. We do not even realize it anymore but remembering things has now become a difficult thing.

If you are dealing with the regular stuff such as forgetting to take your house keys with you while going out or turning the gas off, forgetting the address of you friend or not being able to remember what you had to buy from the grocery store, you surely need to get your hands on some simple tips and tricks that will let you get rid of this problem and enhance your memory.

1) Meditate

In our fast paced life when no one has time for anything, that one thing that will help you in bringing all you senses back to working in great collaboration is meditation. Meditating every day for ten to twenty minutes is great for your health and it also helps you in making your memory sharp. Also, when you meditate, make sure to do that in the morning and outside. The fresh air will make your experience better and much superior. Doing this religiously will sure lead to showing you great results in no time.

2) Workout

When you start forgetting stuff, you need to get a bit more active and getting indulged in some physical activity. When you work out regularly or get involved in some exercise, the flow of oxygen to the various parts of your body gets increased. You muscles start breathing and the constant stretching and relaxing works great for your inner body. A light exercise every time you go off to sleep in the night will help you in being able to remember things a lot easier than before.

3) Chew some gum

This idea might come off as a bit weird but it is actually true. When you do not get able to remember things easily, the best thing to do in such scenario is to chew gum. When you chew gum, the muscles around your mouth work hard and send the blood towards the brain. The flow of blood or as you may call it circulation gets better and the flow of oxygen exceeds. However, make sure not to chew those sugary gums or else it will end up making you fat. Unflavored and non-sugary chew gums are the best ones in this regard.

4) Get supplements

There are a number of supplements that also come in handy when it comes to enhancing your brain activity. However, you cannot just rely on any supplement that you get to know about and get your hands on it. The reason behind it is the fact that a number of supplements are made of risqué stuff that do you more harm than good. Nonetheless, the one supplement you can always rely on is Noocube. Noocube is made up of the natural ingredients that make your brain sharper and stronger and make it easy for you to remember stuff.

5) Get involved in some doodling

Doodling will help you unleash your creative side and will let you focus better. In your childhood, in order to focus away from a boring class, you must have doodled quite a lot. Doodling helps you in focusing which in turn makes it easier for you to keep your brain active. Rather than using your phone after every minuet, prefer to get involved in some doodling and it will make your brain sharper. Remembering things will get easy for you after a while.

6) Write down the things

If you have started to forget things, you need to write them down. This will make your life a lot more systemic and organized. Forgetting what you had come to buy from the grocery store and standing there like a food is quite an embarrassing situation. To avoid it, write the things you want to buy on a paper and keep it with you when you go out. It will help you in avoiding embarrassment and staying organized to a great deal.

7) Eat healthy food

Believe it or not but eating a lot of junk can make your go weak in your brain and you end up forgetting things. Switching your diet from eating all the oily and crazy things to the fruits and vegetables will surely help you in making your life better. Eat healthy food and it will keep your brain healthy and active at all times.


There is no denying the fact that writing things down is the easiest way to keep them close to you. However, the more you will use the method of writing things down to stay connected to them, the more will you end up getting dependent on it. Thus, it is always a good way to challenge your own memory. This will aid you in strengthening it in a much greater manner. The above mentioned tips will surely help you out in having a sharper memory than ever.